Wyze Cam v3 Firmware Release Candidate Test 10/5/2022



  • Improved Event Video stability

  • Improved the firmware update success rate

  • Bug fixes

  • Security improvements

  • Due to the security improvement on this firmware, you will need to go through the factory reset process for your camera if you go back to firmware or below.

[Mod Edit]: Removed embedded space from version numbers to enhance search clarity.


Updated 7 V3 Cams via the Firmware Update Page. All went well and no issues with streaming. Performing some basic tests now


Updated 2 cams successfully. Will monitor progress.


I updated 8…. 2 had to be power cycled before upgrade would install


Looking forward to applying this tomorrow morning! Can’t take the risk doing it at night and bringing my cameras down. Hope I’ll get the v2 RC as well soon to address some of the reported problems - oddly enough, the slow rollout didn’t prioritize testers I would’ve hoped :dotted_line_face:

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Updating 3 cams, will edit when complete.


all updates successful :slight_smile:

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10 Cameras updated without issue!


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @edelbert! :raising_hand_man: Glad to have you aboard!

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Did anyone get a chance to test of this firmware fixes the bug that was skipping the first minute if every hour (besides midnight)?

@SlabSlayer @IEatBeans I remember you guys confirmed the bug in the last firmware. Did you check if this fixes it?

I’m away from home, so will probably hold off on the update for a while since I can’t power cycle the cams if there is an issue.


:-1: Nope.

Still skipping that minute.


All cameras updated except one - by my choice - 100% success, it’s a bit crazy :sweat_smile:


11 cams updates, all worked after…

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OP here. Issue persists with this FW update as well with same footage. Haven’t tried recent footage however.


Thanks. Since this is the new Pinned Beta thread, I’m just going to link back to the original issue discovered to make sure it’s still on the list of things needing fixed that are still present in this firmware:

OP Reported here with a good video showing the problem:

More description below that post with people confirming and narrowing down the extent of the bug.
Basically, Playback on the SD card skips the first minute of each hour (besides midnight). The first minute can only be seen if a person scrolls to a point that is actually within that minute. If you start playback even a second before that minute, it will skip over the entire minute segment.

I know WyzeDesmond has already confirmed that he is aware and looking into it, and he’s always proven reliable, so I don’t see a need to specifically tag him yet since it’s only been 3 days since he confirmed this, and I am guessing this firmware was already ready to be pushed to beta without enough time to resolve the issue we reported yet.


Update - Fixed by removing cam and reinstall

2 out of 3 updated with a little effort, the 3rd refuses to complete the update, ending with “update failed, please power cycle your camera and try again” Tried on iPhone and iPad, same result, rebooted and also power cycled a few times, still refusing to update. grateful that the cam still works ok after the failure to update

Log ID 740132

Any advice to fix please?


This firmware is still having bug and issue with sending live recording events to wyze cloud server. Every other clip on one of cameras has question mark next to it and can’t be viewed…

Also skipping time and frames in some recorded clips…

And newer version of public iOS app is still buggy with greyed out options, and when you turn on cam plus options under events viewer, they don’t stay enabled and saved…

Old stable wyze v3 cam firmware did not have these issues as well as way old public iOS wyze app…

Too many changes to firmware and app code leads to too many new bugs and glitches that don’t seem to be fixed… just carried over to next versions….


My cams will not update to the new firmware. It says all ok with

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Are you enrolled in the Beta Program?

Do you have the V3 cam selected for the Beta Program within the app in Account → About → Beta Program?


No I don’t feel comfortable enough with the Wyze products yet to do that.