2.35 App Release Candidate #2 Test 9/22/2022


  • Android: 2.35.0.b87

  • iOS: 2.35.0(9)

What’s New:

  • Fixed the bug that caused notifications when they’re turned off in Settings

  • Fixed an app crash issue when entering the Smart Vision page after deleting the device using the skill

  • Fixed a banner display error on the Account page when a subscription license has been assigned (Android)


iOS: updated without issues. Will test to verify the app

Android: Waiting for it to appear in the store for installation, will test when app is available


Updated my Android device without issues.


Updated IOS without issues


Updated Android no problem.


Updated ^%$#@ iPhone 8 yesterday and Android this morning after it became available.
No issues on either so far.

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3 days later and this still isn’t showing up for me on Android, but I am enrolled in Beta and usually get the updates within a day. Seems a few times a year the beta update doesn’t go out to everyone in Beta. I don’t know what the issue is, but it’s definitely not showing up yet. :man_shrugging:

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Had .35 beta on iPhone and had odd issue appear: both v2 cam live streams would not respond to tapping on full screen icon - only thing that happened was it toggled off the header area above the video display, tap to return and header reappeared.

Returned to .34 release app and all is normal again.

Issue with V3 (fw camera video playback and app 2.35.0(9) on iOS.

When I attempt to watch video playback from sdcard it skips an entire minute of recording. It is setup as continuous recording. However, if I gently scrub into that minute, it plays back the section. It appears it has an issue making that transition.

Please see video as attachment for screen recording (compressed for upload).

App Log ID sent 731704.
iPhone 14 Pro w/ iOS 16.0.2


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