Wyze app 2.36 Release Candidate # 2 Test 10/25/2022


  • Android: 2.36.0.b93

  • iOS: 2.36.0(10)

What’s new:

  • Fixed a bug that the app crashed when the Cam Plus Pro alarm triggered. (Android)

  • Other Bug fixes


Updating iOS and waiting for it to appear on Android


iOS Updated without issue and everything seems to be working so far.


Same as spamoni. iPhone updated, waiting for Android to be available. Got the E-Mail from TestFlight and updated the iPhone before Andy posted here…


Updated on Android from Google Play Store.


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Ref iOS beta 2.36.0(b10). The listing of filtered Events continues to be buggy. I have my V3 cams segregated for the outside cams to capture “AI events only” and the indoor cams to capture “All motion”. However, when I try to filter the recorded events and select the Motion tab on the Events page, the display logic does not highlight and show just the Motion labeled events. See attached. If no tabs are are selected to be filtered, then nothing should be highlighted when all the recorded events are shown. Also, the tabs shown on the Events page should match the events “box checked” on the Filter page. There should be a “check box” added on the Filter page for an event now labeled as “Smart video alert”. I have sensors that triggered videos to be recorded.

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App is showing up in Google Play now.

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Started update on IOS

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For you maybe. Not for me yet - yes, did all the things that improve likelyhood of the update showing as available…

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hmmm, mine showed up this morning.

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I’m seeing the friendly faces option back in the account tab! It had disappeared for me and many others in the last few updates, but now it’s back!

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Still not available for me on the Google Play Store.
Have v2.36.0 (b92) - the previous release candidate.
Done everything except uninstall and re-install (more bother than it’s worth).

updated and all seems good so far

That happens to me sporadically. Every couple of months everyone but me gets the newest beta release on Google play but for whatever reason I don’t ever get. I just have to wait until the next app release (either the next beta or whenever it gets pushed out as production). I have no idea why, but it’s happened to me right 4 times this year… But I get most of them.

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The real irony here is that I got the notice from TestFlight that there was yet another Release Candidate for my iPhone. Figured I would check the Android, and b93 was available - just in time for b94 to be released…


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