Wyze app 2.36 Release Candidate # 3 Test 10/27/2022


  • Android: 2.36.0.b94

  • iOS: 2.36.0(11)

What’s new:

  • Bug fixes

Installed the iOS App, checking to see if Android is available


I’m still not seeing it

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Me neither, expecting tomorrow

Installing on IOS now



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It seems this was fixed in this beta, anyone else can confirm?

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Android app update installed from GPS. Did it from within the Installed App listing again.

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Another log can’t talk to doorbell after tapping green answer button
log 766887


updated from google play store with no issues. What bugs were fixed?

Nice. Color Temperature Blink action in Rule/Trigger for lighting products is back. :+1:

Wyze App 2.36 Beta Test 10/12/2022 - #16 by Seapup


VoIP calls not ringing at all on Android but do on IOS
Log 767775

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I’m getting a VOIP call from my VDBv1 bell press, but selecting “answer” ends the call and it does some kind of live stream app load gymnastics before it opens.

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My VDBPro is working fine. Wonder if clearing the Cache will work

The Android app does not show my 47C on the bulk firmware update page while the IOS app does. Since the watch is paired with my android phone, I can’t update to the latest beta software (0.12.49) I had before replacing the watch a couple of weeks ago.

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Running beta 2.36.0 (11) iOS. Unable to download event videos. “Download failed - please try again.” Event clips recorded fine and are visible on the Cloud, but can’t download.

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I’m not seeing this on IOS 16.0, what version are you?

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I have noticed that if i try and submit a log with the floating arrow if i try and attach a pic from my album it crashes and puts me back to the home screen on the first attempt, but if i try again it works fine.

Android updated to 2.36.0 (96)

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