Wyze Bulb Color/Light Strip Blink/Flash User Set Parameters

My mother is hard of hearing. Why not a simple audio device to “listen” for a cell phone “ring” and cause the lights to flash when a call comes in?


This would be great, and even better if they made it not just a trigger in the app, but extended it to an IFTTT option. Another work around that would work for us, outside of IFTTT would be able to import scenes from Wyze into Google Routines. Right now I’m not seeing anyway to get Google to acknowledge scenes, like for Wyze’s color bulb. But that’s less of an issue for us personally than say, getting the bulb to potentially flash when the doorbell detects motion.

We had a delivery recently where the delivery person just set the delivery on our porch. They didn’t even ring the doorbell. It is, at times easy to ignore a phone notification, especially since, in this case, all Wyze notifications have to have to same sound and you can’t set different sounds for different notification events. A flashing light tied to the doorbell would have helped to prevent the delivery from being ruined. While I in no way blame Wyze for the ruined delivery, but the delivery person, something as simple as being able to get a bulb flash would have helped mitigate the circumstances, for everyone. Smart home tech is supposed to not only make our lives easier, but also help us solve some of these annoying little problems.

This on top of the benefit it could have for those that are hard of hearing, or might have thick doors, walls, or distance that make the doorbell chime hard to hear.


Bulb flashes when doorbell is pressed - for my hearing impaired friends.


Using Wyze Color Bulbs as visual signal of Alarm going off

Any chance of a setting that would flash the color bulbs Blue & White if an alarm is sounded? Say from a smoke detector or alarm base unit? Switchable like the ‘sun settings’ for certain bulbs?

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Wyze should really implement this accessibility feature!

Even a really simple implementation would be helpful:

  1. Flash 3 times (3 seems like the minimum to be clear when starting from either an on or off state).
  2. Flash 9 times (for really eye catching flashiness)
  3. Flash until on or off command received.
    (set duration of 1-second on, 1-second off)

This would probably meet a majority of the use cases while keeping the development time minimal. This would be a major value-add in my opinion, not just for accessibility for those with disabilities but for normal users who would like silent cues.

Wyze could start implementation on the Wyze bulbs and then consider doing the indoor/outdoor switches.

I know there are options for lots of different implementations but for the sake of simplicity we don’t need those variables. Just start with a really simple implementation and, if you see the usage, you could do a more sophisticated implementation.

Ideally, it would be local to the device (I should flash 3 times and then return to my previous state) than relying on network commands which might be delayed.


Until Wyze implements this much needed feature to have bulbs flash for a given amount of time, or until dismissed, I have done the following… it’s not ideal, but it’s all I have for now:

(This Ceiling fan is located in the ‘center’ of the house in a place that we’d never use it for lights or the Fan, almost as if it were meant for four Wyze Color Light Bulbs being activated by a bunch of Wyze Rules :slight_smile: )

(I turned on all lights manually to different colors for the ‘photo op’)

Video Doorbell detects person, the color light facing the front door turns Red

Any of my WCOs or V3s detect a person, the light facing that side of the house turns Red

I used to have a V3 pointing at my 17 year old Blind Cat’s litter box in the sun room, so that if she made it to the box to do her business, all four lights would turn on to Yellow, as well as the two Strip lights to the same color yellow (one strip behind the main TV, the other lights my desk under some shelves). It was important to make it to the box and pull the blind cat out before you walked into her art work :poop: on her way out of the box :slight_smile:

Any of my WCOs or V3s detect a pet, the light facing that side of the house turns Green
(Because everything that is non human is apparently my Pet per Wyze :)… Pet Coyotes, Pet Raccoons, Pet Ravens, Pet Possum, Pet Rats, Pet Mice, Pet Gophers, Pet Hummingbirds, Pet Hawks, Pet Lizards, Pet Snakes (don’t recall if that one triggered or not)… Pet Finches, etc…)

It’s 'entertaining when One light goes Green, then another… then another… I know what direction my “Pets” are going around my house)

All lights in the Ceiling Fan light ‘cluster’ go off after 45 seconds.

That said, BLINKING lights would be a GREAT feature for Many Reasons! I know have entry sensors on my two refrigerators to let me know 'Hey Stupid, you thought that door closed when you 'threw it closed" as you were walking away" (I need to get Alexa to say that after it’s been open for 2 minutes, but can’t find a mean to do so), so I just light up the Fan Cluster and the Strip Lights to let me know “Hey Stupid…”

I also have a motion sensor in my mailbox… same need…let me have flashing lights when the mailbox door is opened, with the option to leave it flashing until I dismiss it, or after a set amount of time.

Garage Door entry sensor… same thing… let me flash ALL my lights and lights on switches in the house if the garage door is left open for greater than so many minutes.



I know a lot of people who have hearing problems and fear that they would not hear the alarm for the monitoring system when someone enters their home. Could a flashing light (bulb) be set up in each room for the deaf to see the alarm?


I don’t know of any way to flash the lights but with rules you can turn on specific lights if a door sensor is opened. Still waiting for Wyze to provide native control of color of bulbs when you turn them on, but this is available through Alexa routines and possibly other 3rd party systems.

Same here. The problem is rule can only be set on devices (like motion sensors, entry sensors), but you cannot set a rule with sense hub (like during entry delay). Would like Wyze to add this feature.

This idea would be great to make available. My wife is deaf, and set off our alarm today, but didn’t know it. My hands were full of groceries, but fortunately was able to answer the phone call when they called, avoiding the police from being sent.
But having a visual warning of tripping the alarm would be great to have, (i.e. having the ability of smart lights or smart plugs to continually flash on and off.)

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As of June 2022, this wishlist feature has been implemented which allows any Wyze Rule trigger to cause the bulb or light strip to flash/blink.

However, it is implemented so that the device blinks five times and then returns to the previous state. There are many use cases described here and in the above linked topic that need the blinking to continue until another event turns it off or for a user defined time period. There are also requests to be able to have the color change during the blinking.

Therefore (in order to consolidate votes), the title of this topic has been changed from “Wyze Bulb Color Flash on Event” to “Wyze Bulb Color/Light Strip Blink/Flash User Set Parameters” to reflect the yet to be implemented features.


It seems that this “blink” feature was removed during the last update. Can we please get it put back in the app and made available again. I’m sure it was just an oversight and accidentally removed.


Previously reported to Wyze in current beta test app. Hopefully Wyze will get this nice feature back into the next production app build.

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Two scenerio’s where I’d like to be able to leave a Wyze Bulb Blinking until the condition clears, is when the Wyze Entry Sensors that I have on my Garage door, as well as on my two refridgerators are in an Open Condition, the Wyze Light(s) continue flashing until the Entry Sensor is closed.

Currently, I have those sensors blink, then are followed up by the same color On… and the off when the condition clears.


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Feature has been returned to latest beta app and should be in the next production build.

This feature has been implemented in the following app versions:

  • iOS/iPadOS app: 2.36.0 (14)
  • Android app: 2.36.0 (96)

The feature is dependent on the following firmware versions:

  • Bulb Color:
  • Bulb v1:
  • Bulb White:
  • Light Strip:
  • Light Strip Pro:

I just upgraded to the 508 firmware. The only Effect that i can add is if i pair with my lightstrip pro. But my lightstrip is in my kitchen, and the four colored lights are paired together as my front door/front garage lights…

For Halloween, i changed them to a dark orange, and they looked great. Although, a flicker or blink would have been nice. While i still have time before decorating for Christmas, I’d like to have Red and Green alternate or something cool. Not only when i have music going in my kitchen… lol

This wishlist (now roadmap) request is not related to effects. It is a blink/flash setting feature for automation Rules/Actions. You specify a trigger (e.g., vehicle detected by cam X), specify an action (e.g., blink Bulb Color) and specify the color. Regardless of what your bulb is set to or doing, when a vehicle is detected by your cam, bulb flashes in your specified color, then returns to whatever it was set to before the rule/action kicked off:

The wishlist request that covers animations/effects (e.g., flicker, fade, breathe, etc.) is located here and has yet to be implemented:

Light Animations Ideas (e.g. fade opacity 100%-80% over 10sec, for relaxing candle-like effect)


I would also like a Constant Blink option. 1. To be able to constantly blink BLUE without stopping if my Water sensors detect water. 2. To be able to constantly blink RED without stopping if motion is detected ( I will turn off manually if needed). 3. To be able to constantly blink some other color without stopping. connected to Wyze Sense Hub Alarm condition. Think I am in a room that might not hear the siren, but want the LED Strip or Bulbs to constantly blink until manually turned off to indicate that the Wyze Sense Home or Away triggering conditions have alerted (which would also alert Home Monitoring Services, or not if in test mode).

the light strip Pro needs ability to set color to scene. The strip is different than bulbs as bulbs allow for setting of color per bulb in rules. a strip is actually 16 bulbs (segments). we can create a scene but can do nothing with it in rules. rules currently treats the light strip pro like a light strip for rules.

simple solution is let us set color to scene where scene for light strip pro can set all 16 segments.

I posted this as on wishlist and it was merged into rules but not added to the list of requests so it kind of has disappeared.

with Christmas here, the abilty to use scenes for light strip pro would help a lot. or not … maybe for next year…

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