“Flash” Wyze Bulbs w/ IFTTT

Several other smart light manufacturers offer the ability to flash or toggle on/off their bulbs as an action in IFTTT. I would like to see Wyze offer something like this and imagine it would be a very simple task for the team.

My specific request for setup would be to have my front door Cam act as a trigger when it detects motion and flash my wyze bulbs as the action to alert me of my guest.

Hi @iwannagofast

I have moved your #wishlist submission to #ask-the-community since it overlaps with some existing #wishlist topics.

These two topics have requests for bulb flashing:

Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

You can link over and vote for them by clicking the VOTE button at the top of each.

You may also want to vote for one more: IFTTT Action to Trigger Wyze Shortcut / Rule. This would provide a general increase if IFTTT capability by allowing IFTTT to trigger any Wyze shortcut.

@Loki Voted for all three. What level of interest is required for the developers to implement the request?

Thank you!

There is no specific number of votes. It depends on lots of factors. For info on how the #wishlist works and what the tags mean, read this: How to Use the Wishlist.

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