I need Motion + Schedule but can't see how to do it

I have a lamp I want to come on when I walk into the room, but I only want it to come on when it’s dark out.

I have a Wyze Motion, and a Wyze Bulb. I can tell the Wyze bulb to come on when the Wyze Motion senses motion. So far so good, but it turns the bulb on during the day.

I also can create a schedule to tell the Wyze Bulb to come on during certain times of the day, but the bulb will come on regardless of whether there’s motion so that’s not what I want either.

Am I missing something?

It looks like there is an option through IFTTT:

This should allow you to turn on/off motion detection at specific times, I have not personally tried this but it looks like it should work.

Good idea. Turns out the motion detection action in IFTTT only works with the cameras, not the Wyze Motion. :frowning:

I have my motion sensor set up through IFTTT to turn on wifi bulbs from 2 different manufacturers… not sure what you mean by:

I went to the IFTTT links you sent and it all made sense, but when I was given the option of which devices to have turn on or off motion detector by time of day, the only devices in the list were my 4 Wyze Cams. The Wyze Motions I own weren’t in the list.

Ah ha, I went in and tried to accomplish this and you are correct, it is not currently an option inside of IFTTT… i have submitted it as a new action, hopefully it will be added in the future.

It looks like there is no easy way to do this currently, Here is a post explaining how to get this done, it will take a little more work than a simple IFTTT though:

Here is the wishlist topic for adding more options to IFTTT, please vote to have your voice heard, and suggest any options that you would like and that arent already listed:

Here is a wishlist item for adding an on/off to the Wyze sensors, please add your vote:

Here is a wishlist item for adding sunrise/sunset triggers, please add your vote:

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

Hi there,

Right now I manage it having a schedule for the Wyze Bulb to power from 5pm to 6am at 1% Brightness, when the Wyze Sense motion triggers, it spins up the Brightness to 100% then after motion clears out 5 minutes returns Brightness to 1%. Would be fantastic that rules have a schedule or the Wyze Sense it self.

Actually you can control brightness independent of Bulb State (on/off), Give it a try maybe helps.

Or you can just have the schedule and a button on screen, right now until Wyze releases something like I’m proposing on On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors - #81 by reajuria