IFTTT Action to Trigger Wyze Shortcut / Rule

Add the an IFTTT action to trigger a user-specified Wyze App Shortcut.

Note: this is included in this #wishlist topic: Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions. However, it is being broken out separately because implementation of this one IFTTT action would eliminate the need for many of the action requests in that topic.

Really glad to see some movement on this topic. I think it would add huge flexibility to the whole Wyze system.Thanks for splitting it out!
Is there any way to broadcast this to the community to maybe garner more votes?

We don’t really “advertise” the #wishlist topics, but you are free to reference it in other threads where it’s relevant.


Desperately needed… For people with many cameras, sensors, and bulbs - triggering shortcuts is virtually a necessity. Hope we see it soon!


This would be so useful. I have setup shortcuts to turn my inside cameras on and of and I’d love to use IFTTT to trigger those shortcuts when I leave and return home.


Any updates on if/when this will be implemented?

YES! This would be WAY useful. It’s probably the simplest way to expand functionality without adding tons of individual triggers/actions within IFTTT. On the IFTTT side, everything is kept super simple. On the app side, everything is using a system that’s already in place.

If the topic tag changes from “maybe-later” to "researching, then that means it is currently on Wyze’s radar. :slight_smile:

Amen to this. One goes to the effort of setting up some key rules and groups, but then need to activate/deactivate under a single external trigger. So important.

I would love this one to happen soon!

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For Christmas I got my parents a set of wyze bulbs and was looking to get myself some but as of now the IFTTT integration doesn’t make it easy. In IFTTT you can’t activate a scene only temperature and brightness individually. With this I can’t use a single custom Google assistant command to set a scene. This would be a nice addition to make it easier to fit into an automated home environment.

This is a must have integration. Currently using Tasker and Auto Input on WiFi connect/disconnect trigger because using IFTTT requires almost 15-20 applets. Not a huge fan of IFTTT reliability but you gave us the shortcuts, at least let us automate them properly with IFTTT. A Tasker plug-in would also be nice.

Count me in on this one, too!

I need to reset a motion sensor in less than its current reset of approximately 45 seconds.

This would allow me to ‘catch’ shorter motions to reduce any ‘false alarms’.

I hope they do this soon, this one feature would allow me to set preferences for notifications and recording on my cameras and sensors whether I’m home or away automatically when I leave the house instead of having to go into the wyze app and do it manually.

Ooooo this would be perfect!

I would like to trigger the robot vacuum to clean every time an IFTTT event comes in from my Litter Robot (a smart IFTTT connected cat litter box). Would this issue achieve that? Is there any ETA?