Wyze Doorbell Rules

I would like to know if Wyze Doorbell supports device trigger when the doorbell’s button being pressed and it would flash Wyze lights in the house? Thanks!


ohhh now that is a great Idea. for someone that is hearing impaired this would be a great advantage. sadly I don’t think we will know until it is released as testers now sign non disclosure agreements and without permission from Wyze cannot talk about capabilities.


I hope there would be! Like @Bam said, I don’t think we’ll find out until the product gets shipped.

There currently isn’t a “flash the bulb” rule action or a function for the bulbs to flash, but there is an entry in this rather long wishlist thread about adding more actions about flashing a bulb… give it a vote!


Hello - just looking to refresh this - definitely looking for a “Flash the Lamp” or “Toggle Wyze Plug 6 times” when Doorbell Button is pushed.

Sidenote - has anyone made videos showing how to create rules in the APP? I have poked around, but it’s not intuitive for me, so I haven’t tried any yet.

So keep in mind I believe this is only open to the beta program currently. So if you’re not seeing the options I have marked here it’s because you’re not in beta. But I haven’t heard of any hiccups in the roughly 24 hours this has been out and I don’t see a whole lot that can go wrong with this so it should roll out publicly pretty quickly if all goes well

Step one go into rules and set up your trigger, as decidedly as where you put your response I’m going to say you want a doorbell trigger so that’s what I’ve set this simulated rule up for


So if it is the doorbell, on the trigger option go into that and decide which doorbell trigger you would like it to have. It has three options, motion, person detection (with cam plus or cam pkus lite) or when the doorbell is pressed

On the actions options, keeping in mind everything is up to date and you are currently in the beta program you should see this near the bottom of the options

Color blink seems pretty straightforward, but when you select the color blink it will open up another small option underneath that selection box for the color you would like to select. Note that below the color selection option is another box that says turn on for… If you select this option the light you select to blink will Flash and then it will turn on for a time period that you select. They can be one minute two minute three minute or so on. And you can use that in tandem with the Flash.

Assuming everything is how you want it, your finished rule should look something similar to this. And then you also have the option to only execute the rule during a time frame if you should wish to do so that way

Hope that helps.