Wyze Bulb Strobe Flash Blink Feature


How about adding a feature to the Wyze bulb where we can set up a trigger for the bulb to pulse when an action (motion on camera or sensor) is detected somewhere else. If I am downstairs and I want to know if someone is upstairs it would help - especially if I am deaf. It would also be great for deaf people to know if someone is at the door (using a sensor at the door).

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I’d like the ability to blink a light when I set a rule for a specific time period. When a door sensor is opened after midnight blink a light for 30 seconds.


would link the functionality to blink and toggle on off,as a deaf person I depend on visual notifications and blinking is one way to do so


As others have noted it is difficult to wake up to the notifications at night because my phone is on ‘do not disturb’, so an actual alarm would be helpful. Even a light alarm like this would be great. Flashing light would wake me up and scare away intruders.

Trigger: Notification from all (or any) Wyze device
Action: All (or specific) Wyze light bulbs blink on and off and on and off for five minutes.


I agree, a proper flash function for the bulb would be great. I’ve tried to do it manually with rules. When it detects motion on the camera, it triggers an action of turning the light off, then on, then off, then on, then off, then on. It was so fast it seemed more like a flicker of the bulb. So then I added duplicate steps, off, off, on, on, off, off, on, on, etc. I have 12 steps and it lasts less than two seconds.


I wish the programming had a flash mode in addition to the on/off choices for plugs, contacts, and bulbs. Some uses would be to flash a bulb (or intermittently turn power on and off to a plug) upon activation by camera motion, a sensor detecting occupancy, sound detection, or switch opening. One second on/one second off repeatedly would work.


I think this would be a great feature!!

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I also would like a way to flash a light or plug.


I intend to use a sensor to determine if a squirrel trap in my attic has closed. It’s a storage area which squirrels occasionally get into and do damage, so I’d like to be able to keep the trap up all the time, instead of only when I hear squrrying, without having to check the trap multiple times a day.

The problem is notification. Being able to blink all the Wyze bulbs when I’ve got a squirrel would be much better than my current idea, which is to use a Wyze plug to turn on a lamp or something, and avoid squirrel heatstroke in that attic.

It sounds like this is something that could be done in software. If so, the sooner the better.


I whole-heartedly support this feature request, especially the comment by dmahlitz about allowing the lights to strobe for a period of time based on a door sensor and/or camera motion/sound trigger. This would be a huge win from a security perspective (criminals generally don’t like flashing lights because it draws too much attention). It would also help out those in the hearing impaired community. Seems like this could be achieved with minimal coding effort.


Any news from WYZE ain which through rules, they allow bulbs and plugs to flash. This is such a basic request, it should be easy. They currently allow it to turn on and off, Lets just merge them lol.

This has so many useful applications. Flashing lights or sounds to alert homeowners (deaf especially) to smoke and fire alarms, doors left open. This would make the sensors much more useful.

WYZE, Let me flash our lights!



The bulb has a nice fade-in/out effect when it’s first powered on but has not been added to Wyze yet, or when you cycle the power to it 3 times causing a factory reset. Can we be provided a way to trigger that effect? I only make this suggestion because it’s already been programmed with this capability.


just saw your comment/post! im not only one! i created my own post, waiting for post to be approved :slight_smile: i hope it comes up and when it does, please check my post and vote for me!

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Please Wyze, It would be great to blink or flash a light or plug.

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Seeing as this was brought up in another thread today, I got to thinking, could this be a simple firmware update to make it able to flash? Then once that is a thing, adding flash/blink to the rules selection menu to the app, should be simple, I would hope.

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Adding an option for bulbs to blink/strobe when the Wyze Home Monitor System is activated would be hugely beneficial for the Wyze community as a whole, but also as some have suggested, an absolute necessity for the hearing impaired community. I would extend that option to Wyze switches and plugs so that it could be selected for those that control lights.


Hi everyone! Thank you for requesting this feature… wanted to let you know we are working on it! One question for you all… How would you expect this feature to work? Do you need to be able to set the duration of the blinking? Would you expect to select the color or color-temperature it blinks?

The quickest way for us to implement is to have it blink a fixed number of times (currently thinking of 5 times) at a fixed color temperature. However if there is a strong need to be able to change the duration or colors please let me know!


Hi WyzeMike,
My hope would be that the color-temperature stays the same as it was already set to. The brightness would go 100% for 1/2 second, then 0% for 1/2 second for a configurable number of times.

And after the strobing, the light would return to the previous brightness.

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Thanks for the feedback? Do you mind sharing how you’d use this feature? And curious do you only have White bulbs? Or do you own any Wyze bulb Color?


thanks for looking into this…I would opt for the color…as a deaf person, I prefer knowing the source of the trigger…front doorbell=yellow, rear doorbell=green for example…the key is to make this a toggle…that it reverts back to its original state, if off back to off, if dim, back to dim

hope this helps