Add Special Features For Deaf / Hearing Impaired

  1. Siren Sound works great but need wide variety of high or low pitch

“ wide variety options need added in order to hear for Hard of Hearing and the Tone Deaf.”

The bonus feature would be linked to cameras when they set off siren is to set off flasher/strobe , which is very helpful for the Deaf!! Of course siren is to stay !! it is perfect for Hard of Hearing! Only thing it needs is louder, higher/ loud, lower pitch volume to assist Hard of Hearing and some tone Deaf.

  1. Doorbell: Needs transmitter bridge for Light flasher/strobe linked to Camera DoorBell type in order to be connected together.

We need the DoorBell feature!! Yes!! We need it!!! I hope it can come with “wireless” hardwired flasher/strobe ( yes light source must have power to light up ) This will help alert us to specific source ,

  1. All types of Cameras works so well for everything! We use Wyze APP to watch motions of all kinds and it really caught our attention very much! Any Pros and Cons? please comment with reply! This sure do meet our ADA access rights!

PRO: Price is very affordable and easily bought to meet within our income budget and is budget friendly too!! We thank Wyze for this pricings!!

Packages are being protected big time for us!! soon as we get alert when package is being delivered we watch all cameras closely until they are being dropped at the door. We catch all kind of visitors including animals passing by! Vehicles drive-by is also excellent due to prevent break ins! Break ins is preventable very much and is helping us so much.

CON: Doorbell chimer … no light strobe/flasher linked yet, Hope there will be one in near future!! No Access to doorbell except camera feature. We catch visitors trying to use sound doorbell, We quickly answer when everything else fails. Camera helps alot.
Speak button on everything is not working for Deaf Community. Over 50% cannot speak very well … NO we are NOT mute. In past and present everything is very very pricey for Deaf Community, Yes we do have all kind of devices such as Phone flasher, Doorbell flasher, baby cry flasher etc and they do cost at least minimum of $300 and up for a complete package.

I do not know if there are any other Deaf out there who are using Wyze products? I let everyone know we have 5 cameras running and we caught so many stuff and we love those cameras!

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I hate to state it this bluntly, but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for features that will help the deaf and hearing impaired. I speak from experience. I was one of the very first Wyze customers (3 x v1 cams in 4th quarter 2018). Shortly thereafter I raised the issue of app-wide landscape support for tablets, an iPad in my case. It became a Wishlist item, voted upon by hundreds of customers, yet there it remains collecting dust to this day. Meanwhile, I struggle physically to hold and rotate my iPad each time I use the app. Clearly there’s been little regard for my disability here. I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, but WOULD like to see Wyze become more attentive to the needs of the physically disabled, esp. when the request for change (landscape) is something most other apps have anyway. OP … best of luck to you.


I have a red strobe programmed any time my alarm senses motion or the mailman has came. I have to by Wyze Electrical Outlets and program the triggers… but it works well.


Massive fan of all things Wyze: I just purchased the color bulbs and they are kick butt; far better than my GENIE smart bulbs throughout my home. However, my mother is very hard of hearing and lives at my home. I’d like to see a connection between the lights and a cell phone RING, i.e. her phone rings and the bulb (or other device) hears the ring and causes her smart color bulbs to flash in her room.

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Hello! First off, I love wyze camera! I have had an original camera which is v2 but then I saw new v3 came out so I ordered v3. Back to point, the problem here with both v2 and v3 is hearing the connect or scanned like when you ready to connect the camera but you have to go thru the process like “i heard ready to connect” then wifi then qr code to scan (i heard qr code scanned)… I can’t hear because I’m deaf and that is huge struggle for me trying to connect the camera. I have to ask someone to hear it for me. So… It is not for me but it is also for everyone who may have difficult or cannot hear so id like wyze team to do “deaf friendly or even disability friendly” on wyze app for to connecting the camera without hear it. It’d be great!


Make the phone vibrate. It might be even possible to use different vibrate patterns to indicate success or failure.

all cellphones comes with vibrations. We Deaf already know how to use it. We have no problem using it for various reasons. texting and emails and many apps etc that is on cellphones are wonderful for us. we all also use facetime or video app for communication is excellent way of communicating with each others. .

Hard of Hearing do the the same.

that includes with smart watches. they do have these.

advanced techology is what we look forward to this.

We do have light flashes for phone calls and doorbells and even baby crys too. there are many more options!

Without techology we would have
been kept on dark!

the wyze app also has the signal for alerts that works with
vibrations already. i have those all time it alerts me alot. it works really well!!

yup thats hardest part!! i figured how to do this. i can hear high pitches… i had to put these up against my ears to hear those sound and it “sends high pitch sound which i can hear” i am profoundly Deaf doesnt mean i am stone Deaf, no i only have 60-70 DB hearing loss… i can hear certain sounds.

I wish Wyze would send signals to the phones so it can vibrates so alot of us in Deaf Community can deserve this very much. its huge frustating to depend on my cats or dogs or my husband to hear the signals. I dont want that. its very annoying.

I wish Wyze would send signals to the phone so we know it is connected and working than being kept in dark totally.


Everybody knows that.

I didn’t know that Wyze has implemented vibration, I haven’t seen any reference to it.

My phone has vibration active. I have set up many a Wyze cam and at no time did I ever feel any vibration from my phone.

With only 9 votes for this it’s no wonder this is not a very important item to work on. Wyze needs to look at this from a different view. There are an estimated 48 million deaf and hard of hearing in the US. How much revinew would be generated if only 2 or 3 % of the deaf comunity were to buy from Wyze.

For me during the day I have no problems, it’s at night when I’m asleep that the phone vibrating or siren going off does me no good. The strobe or flash on the phone only goes off 1 time, not enough to wake me up. We need a strob like you find in hotels that will flash till we turn it off.

This need to be affordable for the senior citizens on a fixed income. Its hard to add items that cost $300 ,$400, and up for fixed income people.

Thanks for allowing me to add to this forum topic.


Visual Alert (flashing light) for Hearing Impaired .

I have a relative that has a hearing problem and lives alone…
It would be great if she had a light or two that would flash when her cell phone rings or when someone is at the door. I would place one by the TV… another one in the kitchen… And probably one more in the bedroom.
The flashing lights would be helpful because there’s the chance that she left her phone in a different room… like she did the other day and we had to drive to her home to make sure she was ok.


It’s been a few years now that Wyze has come into the smart home market. I know things takes time and topics are in a list of most importance. I do think we need to continue to be persistent and continue to bring up the necessity of having ADA accessible features included. This is only one place where we can express our concerns, we need to post on social media to garner more attention to this issue. For our hearing allies, making a phone call to Wyze support despite customer service probably taking a while to answer, we still need to push for it. I too want to have a strobe or flash effect synced with my wizen products so I am alerted of any motion or if someone pressed the doorbell. More posts on this platform as well as on social media will bring Wyze to address the needs of the Deaf and people with disabilities who can and will benefit.

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Hello, do you use an iPhone or an Android? If you use an iPhone, please explain how you made your Wyze app vibrate. The only vibration I can detect on my iPhone is one short buzz. I can’t hear anything at all, so I can’t hold my iPhone up close to my ear. It doesn’t work that way for me. Thank you.

Hello, have you been able to find a workaround the lack of vibration from the Wyze app so far? Do you have an iPhone or Android?


I’m Deaf and I use the Wyze app on my iPhone 13 Pro. I can’t use sound alerts, and the System Default within the iPhone Notification settings has only one short buzz that does not trigger my Deaf equipment. Since I use the Wyze app for security purposes, it is important that I be alerted to my Wyze app notifications, especially while sleeping. The Deaf equipment I use to alert me of incoming notifications on my iPhone require three long, discrete buzzes from my iPhone. I can do this with the native apps on the iPhone, but not the non-native apps, such as Wyze. Therefore, I would like to suggest that Wyze develop three custom vibration patterns in the Wyze app and label them “Wyze Vibration 1”, “Wyze Vibration 2”, and “Wyze Vibration 3” while the “System Default” would stay the same with the one short buzz (it has to, anyway, because of Apple)?

Wyze Vibration 1 could be three short buzzes: 1-second ON, 1-second OFF, 1-second ON, 1-second OFF, 1-second ON, 1-second OFF.

Wyze Vibration 2 could be three medium buzzes: 2-seconds ON, 1 second-OFF, 2-seconds ON, 1 second-OFF, 2-seconds ON, 1 second-OFF.

Wyze Vibration 3 could be 3 long buzzes: 3-seconds ON, 1-second OFF, 3-seconds ON, 1-second OFF, 3-seconds ON, 1-second OFF.

The System Default Vibration differs from Wyze Vibration 1 in its lack of a repeat pattern. From what I can detect on my iPhone 13 Pro, the System Default Vibration is just one short buzz. Wyze Vibration 1 has three short buzzes.

Also allow Wyze users to mix and match the sound with whatever vibration they want. They could have System Default Sound with Wyze Vibration 2, or Sound 3 with System Default Vibration (remember, I’m Deaf. I don’t know what the custom sounds are like and if they have any vibrations with them. When I tested the sounds, there were no vibrations). Or they could have Wyze Sound 3 with the vibration off. This may be helpful to other Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing users who may use Deaf equipment that require specific vibration patterns.

Put all of that in the Wyze App under Account > Notifications > Push Notifications > Notification Sound:

Pick one sound and one vibration combo, or just one sound or just one vibration.

*System Default Sound *
*Wyze Sound 1 *
*Wyze Sound 2 *
*Wyze Sound 3 *
*Sound OFF *

*System Default Vibration *
*Wyze Vibration 1 *
*Wyze Vibration 2 *
*Wyze Vibration 3 *
Vibration OFF

Not sure if there would be enough room, code-wise, within the Wyze app under the User’s Account (I suspect Apple/iOS has a limitation or rule for non-native apps, and I think Wyze may have a workaround for that) for these additions?

Thank you.

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thats very helpful, its what we needed!! Yes notifications linked to wyze via iphone settings work if something whizz by those cameras, boom notifications appeared, it even vibrates with notifications i set… thats how it worked ever since i first used it several years ago. it worked really well.

Agreed. we still need to push them even harder. i have doorbell now, it works pretty well. i discovered a way to bridge light flasher between hardwirings. ( i haven’t put it to test just yet, but when i do and succeed, of course ill let everyone know with details!)

I do have Iphone 14 Pro Max. ive upgraded my iphone from 12 pro max to this now. its barely 1-2 months old now. it works so much better using wyze app.

Provide light on during the day when motion and sound detection ids triggered to support hearing impaired users