Individual specific sound recognition and detection

My wife is deaf, so I’m wondering if Wyze would consider making some upgrades to its products that would be of great value to the deaf community. I will list two here: 1) In the “Rules” feature, in the “Actions” area, can you add a “BLINK” or “PULSE” (for “X” number of times) option? This would allow deaf people to notice a blinking light in response to something happening in their environment (i.e. a door opening, motion detected, smoke detector alarming). 2) Upgrade your camera’s ability to detect specific sounds (more than just smoke alarms). To this end, add a “LEARN SOUND” mode. The camera would “listen and learn” these unique sounds and then store them on the camera, and the Wyze App can then be used to BLINK a light(s) when the sound is detected. Deaf people have a great need to know when a door bell, oven timer, or a clothes drier sounds. Some of these notifications can also benefit hearing people as well. Thanks for considering this.

The first suggestion is already in the #wishlist here:

Topic title has been modified accordingly.

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Hi @cnmerkle we’re working on the Blink feature in Rule Engine. It may be released as soon as a few months.

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