Wyze product setup for the deaf / hearing impaired

Please ensure that status light changes can be used in lieu of voice announcements during product setup and ensure that these changes are fully documented to allow people with hearing impairment to use the products.

I second that requires!

We actually tried to make a setup guide based on the lights before. We’d have to add more light patterns or in-app messaging for this since audible error messages don’t work. But I like this idea. :slight_smile:


im not only one too! i made a post too!! i hope Wyze approve my post, if it does, please vote for me!

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I suggested Wyze cameras to a friend of mine who happens to be deaf. After i made the suggestion, I realized that he might have issues pairing cameras that use the QR code setup process. Support informed me there’s no current accessible means of pairing the cameras for the hard of hearing. :frowning:

To make a small update for the sake of accessibility, I’d like to see a firmware update that simply makes the status light blink after the QR code successfully scans.

I don’t believe the cam outdoor uses the QR code process, but I hope the mods will add that tag if I’m mistaken!

I get that this may be something developers didn’t think of, but how can you file an accessibility issue under maybe later?? My friend was extremely impressed with my cameras when I showed him, but he can’t set them up, which is preventing one of the demographics that NEEDS sensing cameras from being able to use the product. The only thing this is doing is costing Wyze sales…