Important regarding Wyze app lack of accessibility and functionality

Important regarding wyze app lack of accessability and functionality

Hi, I can not navigate using voiceover using the Wyze app after clicking on the account tab:

Steps with voice over on.
look under settings / accessibility / voiceover

1 open wyze app
2. click on the account tab
3 touch near the top of the screen
4 swipe left or right through the controls.

see the links below for examples.

screen shot

audio demo

I hope you take the time to listen to the example above.

I did a live demo using the app for about 50 people wanting to demonistrate the app and how easy it was to setup and use the app and your devices. It was all working good last time I had to setup a new device and use your app. The setup was good, the firmware update failed because of a captcha and I can’t use anything on the account tab.

Needless to say I was embarrassed and I should of ran through the app before offering to do the demo.

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