Cannot access Wyze App other than long-in

I’ve had my WyzeCam working last winter but haven’t touched it much since then.

I received the notice to update the App and the Firmware. I can do neither at present.

When I access the App the keyboard does not appear. I tried the voice entry and did get a Password

reset code in by voice, however, trying to get the Password entered by voice is just not working.

It leaves spaces, different letters, duplicates sets of letters, etc.

SO, how can I get a keyboard to appear - along with the WyzeCam APP on my Android phone. That is actually how I had done it in the past and I was even using a larger keyboard that sent data, wireless, to my phone and it worked great. Even if I can tap in with a pen on the phone’s keyboard I’ll suffer through that!

I would try deleting the app from the phone entirely and downloading a new copy.