Support app on android doesn't adopt to screen

I’m trying to reach out to support from my Pixel 3, however, the keyboard blocks the text and it’s very difficult to communicate with the support agent


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Yes, the keyboard does tend to take up a fair bit of real estate.

However, the keyboard can pop down using the reduce carrot in the lower left.

If you press in the chat area it will also hide the keyboard until you click in the text box again.

While the keyboard is up, you can scroll thru the conversation also to get to the part of the chat you want to see:


Yeah, you screenshot look reasonable. For me, I can’t see the bottom text and keyboard at the same time. So I need to close the keyboard to see the message that I’m typing. It’s really difficult to type

Hmmm. :thinking: I see that you don’t have the text input bar at the top of the keyboard.

Wonder if that is a function of the app UI or your phone keyboard. I don’t use the app UI to enter chat support because of the chat lockout if you go back to the app. I also don’t use the native android keyboard.

Try this … Rather than using the app to start a chat session, use your internet browser and go to the Support Site to launch a chat. See if that produces an anchored text input box over the keyboard. If it does, we will know that this is a App Support UI coding issue and can report it to the Wyze Devs.


Just tried it and it does work ok in browser (Mobile Brave)

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Great! So that is an app bug. I will post that over in the app release thread to see if the devs can pick that up. Thx!

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Thank you @SlabSlayer for alerting me to this, I am also able to reproduce the same thing on my mobile app and I have sent it up to the team.


Wyze please fix the keyboard overlay bug in your chat app. You have been ignoring it for years. I would very much like to be able to see what I am typing when I talk to your support people. It feels like you do not want me to chat with your support people.

Thank you.

The support chat from within the app has always been a problem area for me. I stopped using it when it would disconnect my session because I tried to access another tab to get screenshots, logs, or information on a specific device.

Instead, I only connect to Customer Support thru the chat bot by browser at That way I can still use other apps, open other browser windows, and navigate around without fear of loosing the chat. I can also see what I type.