Prob utilizing in-app Wyze Support "Begin Troubleshooting"

When I used support in my app to ask a question about the Wyze bulb, every time I type in the bubble area my keyboard pops up and covers up what I’m writing. I’m typing blind and I can’t see anything to proof it. So then I have to minimize my keyboard several times while I’m in the middle of writing. I think the bubble where I am writing should move up above my keyboard when the keyboard appears. Can you fix that? I am using a Google Pixel 6 phone. Thank you!

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Can you show pictures of what you see? This would be more of a phone OS issue or a bug somewhere. What app version are you using? The #wishlist is used for new features and product requests, not for bug fixes or general support. :slight_smile:


I thought it was a bug too, but I didn’t know where to post it. I told the customer support about this problem when I was on with chat in the app (ticket 2434725) and they said they would forward it on to your development team, but that I might want to put it on the WishList too, and even posted a link for me to use - go figure!

My app was up to date as it always automatically does that. It is v2.35.0 (88) now, but IDK if it was that 3 days ago.

Attached are two photos of my attempts to type on support in the app on my phone. The first one is after the keyboard popped up and covers up what I am writing. The second one is after I minimized my keyboard so I can see what I wrote. This is very troublesome…

Another discouraging thing was that in retracing my steps to take the screenshots, I noticed that there is already a cloud icon with a line thru it next to the bulb icon on the homepage of the app!! I assume this means I will need to delete the bulb and reinstall it yet again! I had just deleted the bulb and reinstalled it per the support instructions yesterday… :frowning:

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Thanks for the photos. Just to confirm your told support about the keyboard thing and your bulb issues?

In reference to the keyboard thing, try going to in a web browser (not in app) and give a try there.

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Yes I told them about both. (I put the ticket # in there in case you could see the conversation.)

Forum Moderators and Mavens are not Wyze employees, we are fellow users that volunteer our time to help assist here in the forums. We do not have access to Support ticket info, logs etc. All that stays with the employees, Support, and the Eng/Devs… :slight_smile:

Oh OK thanx! So then do you know if I am correct in assuming that if a cloud icon with a line thru it is next to a product icon on the homepage in my app, then I will have to delete the item and reinstall it?