Wyze App 2.32 6/16/22

Version 2.32 of the Wyze app is here! :sparkles:

We’ve added Emergency Contacts to Wyze Home Monitoring, new lighting Rules and Scenes, and improved the map display for Wyze Robot Vacuum. There’s also several bug fixes in this update.

:memo:Read the release notes:


Hi I just checked the Google Play store but I don’t believe it’s available yet any idea when we can download from Google Play store

If I recall from past history, usually a few hours.

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Yes I will echo this. Updates can take awhile to post to the app stores.


Am I being silly or is the place to add emergency contacts not obvious? I can see shared accounts but that’s not emergency contacts is it?

After power outage, can’t get home monitor tab to load. Keeps saying “failed”.

Checked older phone with app 2.31, working ok on it.

What app version are you running?

Version 2.32.0.
Wiped cache and data with no luck.

I was on the beta app.

Everything was working great until we had a power outage for about 30 minutes,
Everything came back, I thought. Left home and going to set alarm, that’s when I noticed the “failed”.

2.32.0 is a beta release and has a monitoring tab issue. The problem has reportedly been fixed in production Android app v2.32.0 (154). Google is sitting on pushing this latest release out… hopefully available soon.

If you can’t wait and need the Monitoring tab fixed, but without some of the other fixes and enhancements in 2.32.0 (154), you can download the fixed version here. You’ll have to uninstall whatever you’re running and sideload the app. Or you can sideload back to 2.31.0 (145) from a mirror site like APKMirror. If you grab a mirror version, make sure you download the .apk no-dpi version.

Update: Google Play Store now has Wyze app 2.32.0 (154) for Android:

Confirmed: monitoring tab issue has been fixed in both Android and iOS versions. :+1:


Thanks for the speedy response.
Have a good weekend

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When is the Air Purifier Indoor AQI History graph in the app going to be fixed?

The newest update 2.32.2 for WyzeCam v3 is as buggy as they come.

I get notifications when person is detected and I can view the videos fine from the cloud.
I can’t view them from SD card and it won’t connect to show live view.

I rebooted the camera, modem, router, iPhone and iPad several times. Nothing will fix it.

Am I the only one with this issues?

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You needs to submit Log (S).
Ald post it in Fix it Friday.

need firmware version, ios versions etc.

Any chance we’re going to get a less cumbersome color temperature control for wyze bulbs? It’s a mess and too complicated with things like scenes, etc. That whole situation could be greatly simplified by also allowing us to simply choose Kelvin color temperature values in Rules.

As mentioned, iOS 2.32.2 and latest Firmware.

After numerous reboots to both router and camera, flashing red and blue lights on the camera, error 90 finally I got a flashing message (just a fraction of a second) telling me to drop the resolution to 360 p. I thought to myself, no way I’m doing that. So, I dived into my router settings and low and behold, the channel was set to Auto. Not sure how it reverted as I remember changing it to channel 6 when I installed the camera. Changing it back to channel 6, fixed all the problems.

I thought I’d report back in case someone else is having connection issues.

only problem is if you lives in a high concentration of wifi neighbourhood. You might be wise to use smart auto to get less congest channel.

Why is firmware has hardtime using any channel other than channel 6?

Anyone know what error 1005 popup is?

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If you have several lighting rules for on off particular times etc you need to check this out ( * Added support for turning on Power and Lighting devices for X minutes as an action in Rules) one rule does it all , works great, great improvement over what was


I have ios 12.5
never seen 12.32 offered in update.

Is it retracted?

@WyzeJasonJ, pls check out this thread for the dev debuggers to look at. Android .154 bug: Evidently the Chat screen in the Support page doesn’t have a floating text box and the keyboard blocks out the text entry box.

Works when accessing from browser.