Wyze App 2.29 Released! - 3/16/22

Hello, Forum Friends!

Wyze app 2.29 is coming your way with support for Wyze Gun Safe, an additional field of view option for Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, permit number and dispatch instructions support for Wyze Home Monitoring, and feature improvements! :partying_face:

Read our Release Notes:


Just updated, looking good. :+1:


The install put down .113 about 1 hour ago. Now .114 came down. Not sure why this was.

Also, I don’t see the safe in the device list to add. Am I missing something? Don’t have the safe, but was looking to see where it was.

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Yeah, I just did the same, No sign of the safe.

We’ll be flipping that access live tonight! Thanks for the reports. :slightly_smiling_face:

And the Android app number has been fixed!


Will 2.29 fix the ability to turn on back up to base for the WCO, it died after 2.28 was installed. My cams do not have cam plus but do have cam plus lite. If you tap the toggle to turn on back up to base it instantly turns off. Yes there is a good quality SD in the base that I formatted the other day so the base can see it and the amount of data increases every day. Cam is firmware and base is still at because there is nothing more current available. Maybe this is a base/cam firmware issue :thinking:

Its there under home and at bottom of list

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Yep. Saw it when they flipped the switch.

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Is this new too or did I miss it? This is great either way. With the device list growing this is much easier.

Search for a device to add rather than drilling down.

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Hey y’all, I am not sure if this is a function of the app or a function of the cam, so I will start here first to see if it is an app bug.

I have updated the app to on Android 11. I am using 10 CamV3 with the latest FW

So after the FW update tonight I went into all my cams to verify settings. On every V3, when I enter into the Advance Settings, it tells me that my IR Night Vision Lights are OFF (at 10:25pm on a dark night):

I press the arrow to change the Night Vision Lights, and after it loads. It is telling me they are on FAR:

Without making any changes, I press the back arrow and now it tells me the IR emitters are on FAR:

I back all the way out to the Home Tab and close the app. Reopen the app, select the cam, enter Settings>Advanced Settings and again it is telling me the Night Vision Lights are OFF.

I go outside, look up at the cam and confirm, 4 beady little red eyes staring back at me.

So why is the app not properly reporting back the actual state in the Advanced Settings Page? Can anyone duplicate this to confirm that I’m not going crazy?


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Sorry, have another "anomoly’ in the app I can’t explain.

All 10 of my aforementioned CamV3 are on CamPlus and are set for Detects Sound OFF. I would assume the settings UI in every one of those cams should be identical. But…

When I go to the Detection Settings on CamV3 “A”, I verify Sound Detection Off:

Opening the Notifications settings, it tells me I will need to turn on the Event Detection for the sound if I want to get these notifications… logical:

I then open the Detection Settings for Cam V3 “B” and verify that Sound Detection is off:

However, when I enter the Notifications Settings, the option for Sound Notifications is available to be toggled:

And it lets me toggle the Notifications for Sound Detection to ON even though the Event Recording is OFF:

How can this be different on two identical V3 when they both have the exact same FW?

Thanks for your input.

Got the update, there’s a new issue for me in the iPad IOS app,

  • Open the list of recorded videos and scroll down to the oldest
  • View a recorded video
  • Close the video
  • The list of videos moves to the top/latest of the day so I have to scroll all the way back down to continue

With close to 100 recordings this morning it’s adding a lot of time to viewing them. My iPhone app updated too but it’s not doing this so just the iPad.

Thanks for the feedback, SlabSlayer. I will take the UI issue with our dev team for investigation.



U da best! :+1:


I’ll check this and get it fixed


THANK YOU! Appreciate the update! :hugs:

I noticed a similar behavior after doing firmware updates yesterday. Didn’t occur to me at the time that this might be attributable to the app…:man_shrugging:t2:

This was posted by @gregandrene in another topic:

My eyesight is bad enough. Squinting at all those little boxes and using my fat fingers is not productive.

Is there a reason you took away the ability to edit the detection zone in landscape on Android? Can we have it back?


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That wishlist item started in March 2019. The previous app version HAD this ability. It was already developed and released to the public.

Is there some reason it is now gone?