Set Detection Zone in Landscape View

Please make it possible to set the detection zone while viewing in landscape. It is frustrating when trying to set a small zone and I want to drag a corner of the rectangle but end up moving entire rectangle, or I want to move the rectangle but it drags a corner instead. It would be much easier if I had the entire screen to work with instead of the tiny image in portrait view, also it should help with selecting a more precise area.
By the way I’m using an Android phone.

Full landscape support throughout the app would probably address this. Here’s a #roadmap topic for that… make sure to click VOTE at the top!

Currently on iOS phones, the detection zones can only be set in the using the smaller view of the upright (vertical) position. This makes setting the zone with any degree of precision — challenging at best.

Allowing the user to set the Detection Zone using their phone horizontally so the FOV (field of view) takes their entire screen would give the user substantially better ability to set the zone precisely.

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I was able to shrink the detection zone on my Wyze Cam to a really small window. After an update in May 2020, I can only shrink my detection window to a small square about 1/6th the total area of the image.

I’ve submitted several requests to support regarding this issue, but each time the support ticket was closed without any resolution.