Detection Zone Landscape View Not functioning on Android

I just noticed that when you are setting the detection zone on Android devices, the landscape view seems to have disappeared. Although, not a major issue as you can still set the detection zone, it made it easier to see when setting it.

Android App Version: 2.26.16
Affected Camera’s appears to be all

Android Display of Detection Zone, cannot turn it landscape anymore

iOS App Display of Detection Zone, landscape view is still available.

And this is Portrait on iOS


Oh dang, I really like being to do this in landscape view, it makes it so much easier to see and figure out how close the pixel is to the thing we’re trying to zone in or out like a sidewalk or road or whatever.

I would also love for Wyze to allow us to be able to ZOOM IN while we’re doing detection zones. One finger touches would be input to enable or disable a square like now, but 2 fingers could allow zooming so we can better see how close something is to that particular grid square and whether we need it active or not.


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