Detection zone landscape not working

WYZE cam floodlight pro:
In detection zones, the landscape function isn’t functioning.

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Your description does not tell us what the problem is. If you are asking why the event at 8:51:39 happened, the vehicle was clearly within the detection area.

The issue is that landscape mode doesn’t work when the iPhone or iPad is rotated.

What doesn’t work? We’re not mind readers. It is well known that in landscape mode, you can’t get to some features (mostly related to the video taking the entire screen).

You don’t seem to understand my simple answers. What is well known to you isn’t well known to everyone. If you represent the people who run this forum I’ll stop reporting issues I come across as a new user.

To add clarification to my original post so reading my mind isn’t required:

It clearly states to “rotate screen for landscape mode”

This does NOT work.

Thank you. That screen capture largely explains what you were talking about. That is not what I was talking about. Someone who uses an iOS product and/or a tablet will have to answer more. Although I have an Android tablet and also a @#$%^& iPhone that both have Wyze software loaded, I seldom use either one on Wyze except to occasionally try to test something in response to a forum post. Along that line, I just tried to modify a detection on one of my V3 cameras on my &%^#@ iPhone while in portrait mode (since none of the settings are available while in landscape). It did not give that error message, and I was able to change the detection zone. My Android tablet is not with me right now so can’t test on that at this time.

What I was talking about as a well known (and massively discussed here on the forum) is that when in landscape mode, many of the control functions are not accessible - largely because the video image takes the entire screen.