Detection zone scren

why doesn’t the Detection Zone screen rotate when I turn my phone sideways anymore?

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@gregandrene. You are correct. It doesn’t do it anymore. And, the more I use the app, it looks like they have limited that function in a lot of the UI in the updated app.

Here is the Topic to comment on issues with the new app. Suggest you place a post there to get more of the Wyze Team looking at it.

On the iOS/iPhone Wyze app, my detection zone editing screen can rotate to landscape view but the grid goes out of sync with its portrait view position. So it doesn’t seem to be functional. However, I don’t think setting detection zones functions in general. I’m getting notifications and events on motion wherever it happens within the camera’s view whether inside or outside the detection zone.

I’m actually getting good detection zone confinement. I have one cam facing my driveway and also the road. I have it set for vehicle detection with the road blocked out of the zone. I also have a bush blocked out. When a hard wind blows the bush into the zone, I start to get Vehicle AI events from the road. I can see the bush moving in the zone to activate the motion event. When it is calm, no vehicle events from the road. I have 4 other cams with detection blocking out trees as well. When it is really windy, same thing, they will sway into the zone and initiate a motion event.

Interesting. I know what you’re saying and I anticipated that it should work that way, but i suspect in my case the grid squares are a little too big for me to refine the areas that need to be eliminated without also eliminating areas I want motion detection. So maybe there’s no good solution for this at the moment in my scenario.