Detection Zone on Wyze Outdoor Cams while rotating cam 180

Hi, I have mounted a Wyze Outdoor Cam under the eave of my House and i have had to select the “rotate Image 180 degrees’” option as the camera is now mounted upside down. In doing so however the detection zone is now upside down as well as it does not appear to auto rotate as i thought it would. Can this be fixed? I also like the grid sections as option for detection zone as now cleverly done on Wyze Cam Pan. Any reason the outdoor cam cant inherit this cool grid detection zone feature?



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No. It cannot be fixed. The “WCO” uses a passive infrared detector under the lens. The only things you can do are use a different camera (e.g., a V2 or V3 with pixel based detection) or an approach with a separate motion sensor.

Why did you install it upside down, you can connect it to the magnet base on the top or bottom of the camera. I had one connected to the top of the camera and it worked great.

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@Antonius - Thanks for your timely input. TBH i didn’t realize there was a magnet at both ends as i must have missed that page in the manual :slight_smile: . Saying that the magnet is not as rigid as the one on the bottom of the cam so i might look to see if i can do something there for extra support but again thanks for the solution. Well that was easy then wasn’t it haha.




Somebody posted this yesterday in reply to another post.