Detection zone flip 180 on outdoor cam

the detection zone on the new outdoor cam doesn’t flip 180 so when hung upside down from garage, the zone stays on top capturing the street instead of driveway - this has to be an issue for anyone who has it hung upside down - please fix

Hello @Kkhan and welcome to the community.

The cam is designed so you don’t have to mount it upside down, the mount will stick to the top of the cam as well as the bottom so the detection zone will remain on the bottom


Unfortunately the detection zone isn’t adjustable. It’s due to the physical placement of the PIR, and how it wakes the WCO to start recording.

As a matter of fact, what Wyze did is put 2 processors in the WCO. One “strong” processor for all main tasks and sleeps most of the time, and a slower more power efficient processor that always runs and wakes the larger processor only when the PIR is tripped.

All of this considered I don’t think they can “fix” this one.

The only real reason to mount the camera upside down is to flip the detection zone. :slightly_smiling_face: