Wyze Cam Outdoor detection area

It appears the detection area is fixed on the Outdoor Cam, covering roughly the bottom 2/3 of the view. This was fine, but I mounted mine upside down, and now it’s the top 2/3 of the view, which means I’m getting constant detection alerts about cars driving by.

I’m unable to find the setting to change this, am I missing something?

Pull your cam from the base, stick it the other way around and flip the orientation in the Wyze app. Both top and bottom of the cam are metal and will “stick” to the mount.

Motion detection is done via PIR sensor on the wco not detecting pixel change like the V2 or pans. The WCO PIRs are fixed to aim just below center of the camera view. To adjust you need to physically Re-aim the camera and adjust the sliders to your liking.

@Seapup, that doesn’t seem like a great option. The magnets feel no where near as strong on the top; it feels like it could pop off in a strong rain.

@Omgitstony I did this, but if the physical sensors are fixed to work in the down position, there’s really no use to the “Flip 180°” option, is there? It means however I mount it, I need to be able to always position the camera right-side-up, correct?

Also, I set the distance setting slider to the lowest possible setting, and it was still detecting cars on the street ~50ft away…

It’s definitely not as strong, but it’s still pretty strong. I have one mounted this way and am about to get slammed with a storm. We’ll see how well it holds… :crossed_fingers:

Glad you’re willing to test :sweat_smile:

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Invert the mounting base

The detection area for the outdoor camera sucks - I can’t believe that this is what they came up with after over two years of us waiting for what should essentially be an outdoor rated V2 with pir detection!!

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I have to agree. Wish I had seen these disappointing reviews before I bough the camera. I mounted mine about a foot above the garage door to point at my driveway and it only detects when someone is walking out of the car. Doesn’t pickup the car pulling in the driveway. And the alert is not consistent. Sometimes immediate and sometimes a minute later. I get all bars on the wifi so i know the signal strength is good. 100% battery and CAM Plus. WTF.

Is your camera pointing directly at the driveway ? If so change it. The WCO works best when movement is across the detection zone. The red line I drew on this screen shot shows the direction the face of the camera is pointing. The PIR detection zone is very wide so turn your cam to the left or the right until you get the results you want.