OutDoor Cam Motion Detection Zone

Received the OutDoor Cam earlier in the week and set it up immediately.
It does need work, however the issues I have thus far seem to be things that can be addressed with software updates so I’m optimistic.

One thing immediately I noticed, hanging the camera upside down affects the motion detection zone.

Seems the motion detection zone is fixed. Further, detection zone is NOT hooked into the “Rotate Image 180 degrees” setting. So now instead of not detecting street traffic at the end of my driveway, the camera now does not detect motion close to my house.

This is obviously a PRIORITY as the camera was purchased for security so false alerts are prevalent and close up motion is ignored.

See attached picture for reference.

Both the top and bottom of the camera can magnetically attach to the stand. Flip the camera and stick the top to the stand.


Thanks. Just tried it and it works.
However it is nowhere near as secure a hold when using the magnet on top.

Will do it for now and continue to keep my fingers crossed for a software update.

And while functional, nowhere near as nice an aesthetic.

Thanks again for the suggestion


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I held my WCO so I could see how it needed to be positioned, top up, and have the detection zone where I wanted it. I adjusted the mount to have the magnet plate facing almost up and at the angle I needed. A little fine tuning and it is fine. My mount is slightly rotated. Remember you can adjust the arm and the mounting plate, like your forearm and hand so might be able to keep the magnetic mount facing upwards.

Software / firmware is not going to change the detection zone. It is hardware based PIR.