Mounting Outdoor Cam Upside Down

The quick start guide shows the outdoor cam mounted upside down. The app says don’t mount the cam upside down. A wyze installation video shows the camera being mounted upside down, and at first, the girl mounting it has it stuck on the base in the “wrong” way, then when she’s done, she sticks it to the base the “right” way, but that is upside down!!

So what’s the deal?


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The installation video at the end where the PIR sensor is above the camera is not recommended. Yeah, that was an oversight. It is not recommended since when the camera is mounted generally it is angeled downward and pointed to the ground. When the PIR sensor is mounted above the camera the sensor may not see a heat source as it would be angeled higher.

That said if someone does want to mount the camera upside down there is an option to rotate the image 180 degrees.



I was going to reply but all that needs to be said is directly above this :slight_smile:

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Very true. There is a metal plate on the top of the Outdoor Camera to allow you to flip the camera, making it right-side-up, but still allowing you to mount it upside down.

Wish they would eliminate that settings option, lol. The Outdoor camera should never be mounted fully upside-down. If indoors, you lose the PIR motion sensor, because it is pointing up instead of down. If outdoors, you lose that, plus allow water to get into the camera. So please never use the Rotate Image 180° on the Outdoor Camera. :slight_smile:


Do not mount it upside down. :slight_smile: you can put the mount upside down, but you will be able to mount the camera correct side up as the top of the Camera also accounts for the Magnet. Simply put the magnet on top of the logo and thats it.


Thats smart, i never knew it had a plate on the top as well!

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Yea, When you look at it, you would never know. :slight_smile:

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