Is speaker on bottom side of camera waterproof?

I have to mount the camera in a way that exposes the bottom side facing up. Is the speaker port waterproof?

They say to always mount the Outdoor camera right side up. Both for waterproofing reasons and because you don’t want your position-dependent PIR sensor mounted upside-down.

They did put a metal plate on the top so you can have an upside-down mount but a right side up camera. So do that. :slight_smile:



Agree, the magnet works just as good on the top as it does the bottom. I had one cam mounted that way for about 5 months and it worked great.


I didn’t realize the top of the camera was magnetic! It doesn’t feel as strong a hold as the bottom, but it could just be my brain telling me it’s not as strong because there is not a visible seat to fit the magnet as there is on the bottom. When placing on the bottom magnet, it feels like a good solid “grab” whereas on the top, it just kind of feels weaker. Anyway, the location will not have any wind or any branches nearby to risk knocking it off, so the top magnet should work. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!