Outdoor cam cover for top magnet mount

I have the new outdoor camera and have mounted it using the magnet on top so to better place the camera detection zone which appears to be permanently fixed right now. This appears to be working okay and while my detections are a little hit-and-miss I haven’t finished tweaking it yet. However mounting the camera in this fashion is left the bottom exposed with the brass threads showing. The unfinished bottom of the camera is visible to anyone who walks up my front sidewalk. Is there a cover that is made for this that can snap in to make it look a little more attractive?

I don’t think so but you probably could cut out a round plug using a piece of white foam board or styrofoam. Cut it slightly bigger so it will be a tight fit.

Another option would be picking up a white disc-shaped magnet to place there.

Aside from the issue of finding the proper size, those type magnets also tend to be sold in multi-packs, not singly.

Thank you for the ideas. By mounting the camera this way so the fixed detection zone is at the bottom of the camera I have found detections to be working much better. So far its caught a few delivery people and the lawn mower kid. Continuing to test but as of right now I’m thinking of getting some more of these cameras to cover all sides of the house. On the house we thought ahead and had110 outlets placed in the soffits for various things, can we run these cameras on a 5volt charger? If so I might never need to crawl up a ladder to recharge.

Yes. I’m running one constantly plugged in (for now; cause I had the same question, and wanted to find out), and it seems to be working OK.

My problem is that I wish they provided a magnetic mount for this thing.

I want to be able to stick it anywhere there’s metal (in this case, the external shell of a vehicle; to use as an external ‘dash cam’ of sorts).

did you find a magnet to use without using the provided stand? thanks

Sorry I feel really stupid but how do you get the magnetic part on top of the camera?

The circle part of the mount is magnetic and sticks to the metal piece on the top or bottom of the camera. Visual aid (middle left graphic):

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Thank you. I’ll check when I get home. I only noticed the magnetic part on the bottom nothing on the top?

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The magnet is in the detachable base, there are metal plates in the bottom and top of the camera for the magnet base to latch on to. The bottom has a indentation where the base fits into, whereas the top is flat. Both are mounting (connection) points for the camera and base though.

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Omg! Thank you! I feel like a moron. I did not realize the top was also a magnet! :woman_facepalming:

No prob! Glad to help! It’s actually just a piece of metal, the actual magnet is in the base mount. It’s like a fridge, the fridge is actually just a piece of metal that all your rubber ducky and chip clip magnets (ok maybe just me) stick to. :slight_smile:

THANK YOU so much for this explanation. Even looking at the graphic on the instructions I still couldn’t understand that the top of the camera also had a metal piece that would allow it to stick to the base.

Apparently, I am one of those people that needs things explained in explicit detail. :crazy_face:

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Glad to help! It was the chip clip magnet explanation that did it? :slight_smile:

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More the rubber ducky… but all of it was good. :smiley:

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Do you utilize this mounting setup?
If so, do you use anything to protect the open space at the bottom of the camera?
If yes, what?

Thanks so much for entertaining my questions…even if your answers are “Nope!”

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