Wyze Outdoor

I received my Outdoor cam. I am thoroughly disappointed that the base does not have a magnet to mount at the location I need. Has anyone figured out a way to include a magnet mount to their Outdoor?

Can you post a picture of what you are trying to do, or where you want to mount it?


i’m not sure if the photo posted. basically i have 2 sheet metal hoods that protect vents from southern rain during winter. a perfect location for my existing Wyze Cam.


Not a magnetic solution but you could try something like this:

Excellent idea!
Thank you
Are you a “fixer?”


Why not just use the provided screw and attach it to the wood structure behind the vent?

I like problem solving when things are not my problem :sweat_smile:

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The Blink mount has an adapter that the mount screws into. Looking at the Outdoor Cam…I’ll have to rig something…gotta to sleep on it


As long as the mount in the home depot link is a 1/4 20 screw thread it should work with the outdoor cam without any modification.

Synthetic stucco…won’t work, its like that styrofoam crap that electronics are shipped in. Thanks for your question.

I looked at the base and I can swap it out and replace with an original Wyze cam base which is magnetic. Just had t think about…:wink:

Really? How would I mount it? I can’t see your solution in my mind

Too freakin high…I don’t have access, must be 15-20’ My ladder just barely reaches the vent, on my toes, while my wife below is freaking at me :smiley:

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If you remove the camera from the included stand there is a 1/4 20 female thread in the bottom of the camera. The mount in the link “i think” has a 1/4 20 male screw.

Wow, well thank you! :+1:t3::clap:t3:

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