Original mount for Wyze Cam Outdoor

Anyone know where to find the mount that comes with the outdoor cam? Looking for the original one with the magnet holder for the camera. Looked on Amazon and didn’t see any.

If you are unable to find the original, here are some Outdoor mounting options.

Wyze support is saying there’s no way to get the original mount without buying a whole new camera. Doesn’t make sense.

I looked at other mounts and don’t really like what I see because you have to screw in the camera to the mount. I couldn’t find any magnetic ones. I have to take down this camera every couple of months to recharge it and the magnet mount makes it really simple :frowning:

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PM me. :sunglasses:

Sadly I think this is manufactured as a complete set, I’ve not heard of the company selling the individual piece. And honestly I’ve not heard of any aftermarkets either… Being that it’s magnetic it makes it extremely difficult to match up. I wish I could think of some solution but it looks like yours has taken quite the beating. If I come across something I will definitely post back here, currently I can’t think of anything in the year since it’s been released of anybody even posting that they’re using

Looks like TomG is going to send them one. If not, I’ll send one of mine.

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As I have said many many times before, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

Thank you @TomG


Yep, in a box ready to go. Glad to help someone in need.

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