Wyze Cam 3 secure mount for outdoors

Hello again, Community.
Y’all were so helpful on my question about SD cards, I’m back. I would like to mount the Cam 3 outdoors, but the magnet mount, or a single screw, won’t cut it. I live downtown in a big city and it will be stolen if it is even remotely possible. The camera is great, and I would buy 2 more after seeing it in action. But it needs to be secure.

How are folks mounting the Cam 3 outdoors so it cannot be easily removed? I have seen in 1 post someone linked a secure mount by Arlo. Do we know whether this is compatible with the Cam 3?

Thanks very much.

  1. Height is your friend. Make it a pain (even for you) to reach.

  2. There’s only one thread in the body so any additional screws you add would be to blocks or plates you attach to it.

along with height, making it inconspicuous will help, such as warping it in a vinyl that matches your home putting it something that blends in ect.

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I use the Wyze outdoor cam mounts for my V3’s. They work great. If you can deal with the fact that the V3 face is square(ish) and the outdoor cam face is round, the camera mount fits the V3 perfectly and does not obstruct the picture, siren or mic at all. $10 a piece or 3 for $20 on Amazon.

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The current mount was not the most desirable option for me either but at this price point, I really don’t mind the original package at all; so “enhanced” it with the “steelie” mount from Nite IZE. the Steelie is a magnetic ball smartPhone mount, but works perfectly if you position the magnet just off center of the v3 rear speakers. result is a very nice and clean mounting solution with camera positioning as convenient as many of the more expensive competitive cameras with spherical magnetic mounts. I bought mine steelie open-box on amazon for $13 USD…

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