Mount kit options for Wyze cam outdoor?

Any mount kit with adhesive tape option for the Wyze cam outdoor ? I can’t drill holes in some places where I want to install the outdoor cam. Thanks

Depending on your situation.

  1. Do you have gutters? If so, you could look into something like this
  1. If you don’t have gutters, you could go for something like this a vinyl siding mount

Or when in doubt 3M double sided heavy duty out door


Looks like you are from Canada with that amazon Canada links . I don’t see them available here in US. I have a brick wall outside that I need to place the camera . The adhesive 3m tape alone may not work on bricks right ? I also want to place couple above my outside door which is like a plastic .

The tape would 100% work on the plastic above your door. On the brick. Not sure.

The 3M says it will stick to brick. BUT!

When the tape is used on wallpaper, fabrics, textured walls, brick, and other rough and porous surfaces, its stickiness is also greatly reduced.

I can find plenty of Vinyl Siding and Gutter mounts on but not screwless for brick specifically.

Just a question, what is your reason for not wanting to screw mount in your brick? Is it a COOP or renting? Or do you just not want the holes? If it’s the latter, I would suggest just drilling in to the brick. It’s very non-invasive and would give you far better support. And if you ever took them down you can just pop in some quick dry compound to fill the holes

Hope that helps


Here are a few:

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The first one and last one looks interesting but the first one despite the description saying it is mounted with tape doesn’t show it mounted with tape . It is screwed ! Any videos of the first one where you mount with adhesive tape? What is eve? Eve means like a cover ? It can protect the camera from snow melt and rain I guess? If I can mount this with 3m strong tape and with the cover or the eve , this can help me in the brutal winter season here. I don’t have vinyl so middle is useless for me . The last one where you place it on ground looks interesting too. Any good sleeve that can mount with 3m adhesive tape ? Also I am trying to avoid drilling hole on brick walls. I wish the the ones you posted are on amazon so I avoid paying shipping fee

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I have the first one for my V3’s. I did screw them in my soffits. I also used Velcro for another which worked well. You just need to make sure you clean the surface where you would use the tape.

The Picture shows screws, but I believe you have an option - don’t recall as it has been sometime now.

I was looking for detail on the first link on Esty. It doesn’t have any detail on what it is like if it comes with adhesive mount option . Looks like it requires two screws and it is like a sleeve? I checked for this on Amazon but didn’t find .

If it doesn’t, you can possibly get a 3m product to adhere it. I used 3M Velcro Strips on one of them.

I have them for my V3’s around my house, I like how the work and they hang just low enough to get a clear view of my surroundings.

You an also Email the Individuals directly and see what comes with them, I did that on one occasion and they were more than willing to help.

I looked at all the links above. while some look good they are not on amazon US site.
After browsing for few hours, I think I should go for this one, it is a sleeve only and the use a 3m double sided tape to stick the camera base. I didn’t find a good camera protection case that can also can be attached/installed like the one i liked on Esty.
what do you think about this?
Also what is a good width size 3M double sided strong tape take you recommend to stick the camera base on doors, windows ? I need a generous size WIDTH. is 0.94IN okay like this,


What do you think?

Hello, @wyz312 and All Others.
Here are my thoughts about a non-drilling camera mount to a brick wall. In a big- box, building supply store, buy a small piece of sheet aluminum about 1/32" to 1/16" thick. Cut the piece of sheet aluminum to 4"x6" or leave it larger. Attach this piece of trimmed aluminum to the brick wall with Liquid Nails (which can be bought in small tubes). After the Liquid Nails sets up attached the camera’s base to the aluminum plate with 3M VHB tape, It can be used outdoors. Also, the exposed aluminum can be painted a matching or complementary color.

In regards to the protective hood for the camera maybe consider you or a friend drawing up a print file for the Outdoor camera. A local library that has 3D print classes may be able to connect you with a student in the class to help you. It would look similar to the photos below for the V3:

Below are pictured some suggestions for various mounts. All of the mounts require some DIY efforts and can be adapted for the Outdoor camera:

There are a lot of ways to mount cameras.



unfortunately I suck at DIYs but I appreciate the advice and options you gave above.
I just bought this from amazon I will buy a big wider double sided 3m tape at menards or home depot and , put the camera sleeve on the camera, stick the 3m double sided tape on the base and on to the window outside . I won’t have to stick it on brickwalls. What do you think about double sided 3m tape on the base?

The 3M VHB tape sticks very well to most materials. In sheet metal fabrication it is used to join panels to the framework without using rivets or spot welds, and it works outside in all kinds of weather. Plastics would need to be tested. The tape itself is wound on a plastic roll that it is dispensed from. The kind of plastic affects the bond strength.

Wyze is sending me the 3M mounting adhesive for the V2 camera . I think this magnetic metal round with 3m adhesive tape will work fine with Wyze cam outdoor base. I will wait for this to arrive first before I purchase a 3M VHB double sided tape .

Hello @wyz312 and Others.
I am somewhat skeptical of the adhesive ring with the metal disk. The area of the tape ring is, to me, small relative to the size of the outdoor camera, also the round shape of the adhesive ring is not efficient in withstanding prying forces from the weight of the camera.

If two adhesive rings were applied directly to the outdoor cam’s base, trimmed to fit the base, and cut-offs were further trimmed to fit the remaining exposed base. The top of the base is where the most solid taping is. Below is a trial layout that you may need to try out if plan “A” doesn’t work.


Thanks for the drawings! You think applying 2 to 4 inch wide 3m VHB double sided tape on the base will be better then? I will try to find 4 inch wide 3m vhb double sided tape. I don’t think those regular 1 inch 3m tape will work as I will have to cut to two pieces to fit the base.

In reply to post #17

Two strips of 1" wide 3M VHB tape will work very well and may be cheaper than the wider tape. This is also much easier than making a rectangular college from round rings of tape. It would be very tedious indeed. The greater thickness of the strip tape makes it adhere better to uneven surfaces.
I have used the 1" for other projects and have solved the CPS problem. The Corner-Pullup-Syndrome occurs when you attempt to remove the tape backing after applying it to the first half of the bonding surfaces. When trying to snag the corner of the backing with the edge of a small knife to pull it away from the corner of the mastic, the mastic stays with the backing leaving the surface it is supposed to be sticking to.

The pictures below show how I do a mid-line slice in the backing, only nicking the mastic, and pulling up the backing at the slice. The mastic adheres very well when there is no weak corner to pull away.


i ordered the pole version on amazon. can do both a solar panel and outdoor cam. My roof has a lot of poles

Did this end up working? I was looking at the same one but for gutter but some people said it didn’t work good with the Wyze Outdoor Cam.