WyzeCam Outdoor vinyl siding mount

With the Outdoor cam shipping in a matter of weeks, if anyone wants a vinyl siding mount for the WCO, I modified this one from the original v2 mount from Brandon Thompson.

If you don’t have a 3d printer, most libraries have one you can use, sometimes free (my local library is free). Just download the .stl file, copy to a USB drive and bring it to your library or elsewhere.

I know someone will ask, no the WCO does not come in black, I painted with flat black spray paint.


Looks great (saw you list it in the other thread), but my concern is whether the plastic tabs are both thin and strong enough to get themselves wedged into the siding (especially if they need to be re-inserted a couple of times). My siding is tight and the thin metal hook hangers barely make it in. Has that been an issue with this design?

Wow. This is cool. I’ll do my first 3D printing with this project

I guess it depends on the material you use to print. I printed at the library and the material seemed cheap. The lips did break a bit but just the pressure of wedging it in the siding hasn’t been a issue.

Another tester printed the 1st version I created, I could tell the material was much more firm and solid.

If you print it with PETG, you will be fine in 90% of the country. If really concerned, print it with ABS. Should hold up just fine and be plenty strong.

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Wyze should make these and sell as an accessory.

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This is awesome, i was just about to buy a bunch of mounts for outside but hate drilling into vinyl. printing these out tomorrow and might put some 3m backing on it. :smiley:

If someone sells them and has a pic of them in use, I would appreciate the help

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I just bought a 3D printer, so I’d offer make you some if you’ll cover the costs and shipping.

I have metal siding, so not using them.

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Yeah I would cover the costs. Once you have camera and show a pic of it hanging id be interested. Appreciate your help!

If there is enough demand, maybe you could even set up an Etsy shop selling them like @lachlan6 :thinking:

This is awesome. If I can’t find someone to print these locally. I’d be interested in some heavy duty ones as well.

I’m kicking out some ABS ones now to see how that works. I’ll add a photo once it’s done.


Well the ABS printed great. But it snapped way too easily.
Going to use ToughPLA. It’s as strong as ABS but still has some flex.

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I printed with PETG and it’s been holding up just fine for several weeks now. The PLA one I printed first (it’s what I had on my spool at the time) warped from the sun within 2 days.

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This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

So I tried to use a vinyl mount with my siding but mine is super tight and the 3D mount won’t slide in there. Does anyone have a corner mount made that will work

Has anyone done a corner mount like this yet

Just try the thin metal siding clips.