DIY corner shelf 3D printed for my new Wyze Outdoor Cam

It was challenging for me to mount the camera using just the supplied screws and anchors since my exterior wall is stucco. I was able to come up with this idea for my front porch area and it works perfect. 3D printed corner shelf and brackets. And painted to match exterior wall. It’s under (protected from the weather) so it should last a long time.


Very cool!

I want to mount mine to a metal fence and use the ball mount screw on the underside. Planning on using SketchUp Free tomorrow. It’ll be my first project. I assume I can email an .stl file somewhere to get printed…for a fee. Any tips? Thx!!

Send me an .stl. I can see if I can make it.

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This is really awesome! I have used everything that I can think of to try and “stick” mine up.

The cam has a magnet so maybe just use an angle bracket for a few pennies?

Great idea! I’ll try it. Thank you!

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Here is another option: