I have a idea for outdoor mounting corner wall including a new detention system


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:face_with_monocle:What’s the idea?

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Let us know if this is close to your idea.

Well, if I told you I had to kill you :joy::joy: just kidding I can tell you this will improve the angle of the camera plus a new sensor for a new 360 detention movement :upside_down_face:

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It is only an idea I don’t have a physical product. I had to license this or if somebody in It is only a idea I don’t have a physical product I had to license this or if somebody in Wyze want to work with me so we can get it rolling

It’s a little bit more complicated a little bit different than that more sturdy and more usable. I don’t want to give you too much detail, but I would like somebody to contact me and we can work on that. Plus I got something else for the cameras already build a different feature for a different movement.

LoL, well then. :grin:

Poke around there some folks that do a fair amount of custom things for Wyze in Etsy as @StevenA posted. Find you a partner.


You might get in touch with Drew on Etsy, “ideaxtruder”, or here in the forum @lachlan6 to discuss possibilities.


I’m sorry about the late response. I am a truck driver. I don’t have a lot of time in the daytime but appreciate you help. Thank you for that. I really new at this. This is not my fill, but I do have some great ideas and I would like somebody to help me out with thank you.

My older idea it have to be with the software on a motion detection direction of movement

Thank you for you attention I repeat a new at this, but I do have some great ideas both from a mountain position. Also, for a use on a motion sensor for the new Wyze can

I will make some sketches it’s not gonna look pretty, but somebody will get my deer. I think that’s gonna be my first step to start, but I really need somebody to tell me how I can parent this before I show to everybody🧐

Noble profession… I have the same time constraints. Not able to post while I am rolling. Although I am able to pop in throughout the day here and there during my delivery and service schedule when I am waiting. I drive a CO² tanker.

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Yeah, check this out. I got here a Love’s store to a speco shop at 3 PM. I am still here to change to from toes. Imagine that end I had to drive in the morning. I am in Mobile Alabama and I am going to Bowling Green Kentucky. Crazy. No sleep yet

I feel for you! I65 NB. I am fortunate to be regional & home “almost” every night. Was out last night though.

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You are a lucky man I go home every 2 to 3 weeks but right now I get a new contract from Tilton Georgia I 75 on the way to Miami dial probably changed everything now for me to go home and every day

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