Cam Outdoor Mounting Target?

Anyone know of a mounting target for installing the Cam Outdoor (V1 & V2)?

I have to install one of my cameras into metal siding, so it’s a one-shot deal.

Some image or something at 100% that I can print off and use it as a target for the pilot holes I’ll need to drill

None of my cameras came with one, that I can find.

Thank You!

Since it is a WCO just pull the camera off of the magnetic mounting base, fold the arms down, put the base against the wall and mark the top of the notch with a pencil.

start at video time 2:54


I see that the camera doesn’t need to be installed with two screws.

That makes it easier

Thank you Antonius!

One screw is all it needs just don’t mount it upside down. Before you tighten the screw tight you can turn the base to the left or the right to get the correct angle so your field of view is not at an angle or otherwise all out of kilter.


Thank you again Antonius.

I looked up WCO but couldn’t find anything on it.

What’s it mean?

Wyze Cam Outdoor= WCO


I knew it doesn’t mean World Customs Organization


Thanks again Antonius!

He beat me to it :slight_smile: That’s how I’ve always mounted my outdoor cams, one of the biggest upsides to the removable base. In fact I just put another one out on my bat house and that’s how I mounted it because it was at a really weird angle.

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Bat house eh?

Got any :bat: pics ?

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Indeed :slight_smile:

One thing I didn’t think of with the angle that I have it at, because the IR can only reflect off the house itself with the night vision on holy wah does it stand out lol

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That is really cool man.

Do you get a lot of visitors or occupants?

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I just got it up and it’s a little bit late in the year, but for some reason where I’m at in Michigan I haven’t seen a whole lot of bats out anyway. It seems like last year we had a lot more in the evenings at this point but maybe they’re just delayed and getting back. I’m hoping.