Adhesive mounting kit for Wyze outdoor camera?

Will the magnetic metal adhesive mounting kit for basic Wyze cam V2 fit or work with Wyze outdoor camera ? I have several Wyze outdoor cams on my home on different parts and in some places I can’t drill a hole so mounting adhesive metal kit will help. I can just put the adhesive metal case on base of outdoor cam and stick it . Please let me know what you think and any ideas you have . It costs $2.99 for each kit but there is shipping fee .

I don’t know how it would work, I have 4 of the Version 1 WCO and the bases do not have magnets on the bottom of them like a regular wired V2 or V3 cam does. That kit is put the tape on the back of the metal disk, stick the disk on a surface with the tape and then attach the cam to the front side of the metal disk with the magnets on the bottom of the cam base .

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What do you recommend the outdoor camera that has adhesive mounting ?

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