Magnet disk

Is the magnet disk for v3 outdoor cam an item for purchase? I have 2 outdoor cams ordered during the initial pre-order, one was opened last night, there was no magnet disk, the other one was opened and set up a few months ago I don’t remember whether or ot it had one.

The Outdoor Cam and the V3 are two different cameras. Check the Wyze web site to see what is supposed to be in the box for the cameras you bought.
The disk is just a piece of metal. The magnet is in the camera.
Wyze does sell mounting kits.

Thank you angus. I decided to install them permanently.

They are outdoor cams, I don’t know why I added v3 to the name, maybe the indoor cams are v2 that I got before these.

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The Wyze cam outdoor cameras do not have a magnetic mounting option similar to the original Wyze camera and don’t include a metal disk. The mount magnetically attaches to the top or bottom of the WCO. The base of the included mount has two screw holes for mounting.
You can also use the standard size tripod screw hole on the bottom of the WCO for mounting,

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Thanks Brlepage for the outdoor cam mounting instructions.

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