Want to Buy - mount for Outdoor Wireless

Does anyone have a spare mount for the Outdoor Wireless - WVOD1? Wind took out my camera which survived and I recovered, but blew the mount away and its likely I will not recover it. (long story…not worth discussion. New mount will be properly secured) This is the mount that connects magnetically. I’d consider one of the conventional mounts if the threads match up.

I only have regular v3 cameras. Check out these tips on this link.

Use one of these. I had a WCO version one mounted with one for these for more than a year. Correct threads for WYZE cams 1/4-20. This will not work with the OG cam.


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Thanks! That will do the job if no one has a magnetic mount.

I will rummage in my box “o” Wyze and see if I have one. If so, all yours.

I replaced all mine with mounts like @Antonius showed, but I generally save parts.

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I have one @mark.bergman . It’s a bit discolored from being used outside for a little while.

Shoot me a DM and I’ll pop it in the mail for you.

I have used the mounts shown but found these to be better:
The other ones tend to rust quickly and are hard to adjust.
Maybe add an adhesive magnet to complete the install?

I don’t have the ones I posted but the same style just like the ones you show. I have a V3 on one and it has been outdoors for at least three years. I forget who made them.