Replacement mount for Outdoor Cam

I have a battery powered Outdoor Cam with the magnetic mount. I moved and can’t find the mount. I’ve looked around online and haven’t come across a place to get one.

I know it’s got a standard camera threaded mount on it but I’d really like the magnet one. Anyone know of a place I can buy one?

If you can’t find one online, Try these two options.

  1. Go to and search Wyze. Might find some suprises too. Reach out to the creator of the image. Many/most will print for you and mail it to you - for a nominal fee.
  2. Go to and search for a guy named IDEAXTRUDER. He’s got a lot of Wyze accessories. If he doesn’t already make what you want, Reach out to him to design one for you. He’s a great guy and does this stuff for a hobby.

Good luck, Let us know what worked, please.