Outdoor Cam Spec

I’m looking for the dimensions for the new Outdoor Camera. Not for the base station but the base on the camera. I’ve done some printing on a 3d printer and wanted to get a head start for a mount for this.


What kind of mount? I modified an existing v2 design for mounting on vinyl siding for the WCO & works great.


Ken Thanks…is the base for the Outdoor cam then the same as the V2? Was looking for something where I didn’t have to rely on the magnetic mount

nice design by the way…

Oooh that is very nice. I think I need 4 or 5 of those for my V2s.

Yes I just saw one. I also found some metal siding clips with predrilled holes. I might like that even better, sturdy and easier to slip in.

The stand is not the same as the V2. The magnet is in the circular part of the stand in Ken’s picture. If you don’t want to use the stand you can use anything with a standard 1/4" screw (like the thread on the tripod for a DSLR).

the square part of the base is larger on the WCO. Like kjay said, this mount would still utilize the magnet

Where did you get that siding mount?


Thank you!

The original won’t fit the WCO, I modified it for the WCO


That siding mount looks good. Does anyone have a mount for under an eave that doesn’t require drilling into the plastic that runs underneath?

Don’t know but maybe this metal clip would work for you.


Thanks. That looks interesting. Not sure if it would work for mounting under the flat side of the wave but it’s possible. I’m looking to mount mine on the garage corner Under the gutter facing the street vs on the siding. I guess if all else fails. I could do a siding mount if need be. I found a vid of a guy who mounted his to a metal bar and slid it in the soffit like this


Camouflaging with the drainpipe is kind of clever.

Assuming a steel bar, the perfect approach for a magnet mounted Wyze cam!
:grinning: :grinning:

I agree. Could easily drill the mount into the bar or go the magnet route. That’s the same location I am looking to mount mine so finding a small piece of metal should be no problem. Add some paint and and that’s all I need

Just to clarify, the outdoor cam mount is a different design than the V2. The magnet is not in the “foot” of the stand, the magnet is in the “head” of the stand. So in the case of a steel bar the “foot” of the stand would have to be attached to the bar by some non magnetic means (screw) and the camera attaches magnetically to the stand. I hope that makes sense.

Yep. I remember from the vid. Screw it into the bar and the stick the cam to the actual mount. I’m sure someone will come up with a 3D option for that location soon

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