How to mount Outdoor Cam on flimsy plastic siding?

So I’m in a rental and it has that really flimsy plastic siding on it, and it sticks out from the wood by about 1/2 of an inch. I tried using four 3M mounting tape pieces to get it to stick, but because of the way the mount pulls out from the top, it just fell down after several minutes (even after thoroughly cleaning the spot). I am kind of at a loss right now on how to mount it, so I have it sitting in my front window. Sadly because of that, it doesn’t record a single thing. So I’m either thinking I could A) drill a longer screw into the wood which I will also need to drill out a bigger hole in the mount, but it will smush the siding down and make a hole, or B) put it somewhere else, or C) attach it another way. With the new doorbell in the works, I might just mount it over my garage or back door instead of my porch (which is why I originally wanted it), but I’d still have the same exact problems.

So… Any ideas?! Thanks so much in advance!

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Welcome to the forum @BathHernia!
It would be helpful to have a picture of your desired location and know what type of camera,WOC V2.

If the siding is the wavy fiberglass panels, sugggest to put a lag bolt where the siding attaches to the wood backing. Add enough spacers to match the top of the wave as a backing for the large steel washer provided with the v2 cam. Use magnet in the camera to attach.

Depends how flimsy but these standard vinyl siding clips work well for me.

This is what I use for my Wyze outdoor camera


And the Wyze Outdoor cam can be screwed into this mount?

Yes, you can screw the camera into the mount and then slide it into the siding.

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Cool, thanks, ordered one as well as this product and see how it compares:

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Oops, my bad! Yes, it’s the WOC. And the siding is incredibly flimsy – to the point where it bowed out when I mounted the camera with the 3M tape.

Then I think in your case I might go with a single very thin screw into the wall, maybe two…

I like the mount over the clips because the mount enables you to swivel the camera into all kinds of positions.

I bought these and the head of the screw was too big for the opening on the Wyze Outdoor Mount. How did you get these to work?

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I used a file to slightly enlarge the hole in the plastic. It works but I think the better (but more expensive) solution is the mount that RLBK suggested.

I used those exact clips to mount my v2 cam to vinyl siding, worked like a charm. Used the clips to attach the mount to. Obviously you don’t need the housing, but you could simply buy the mount and use two of the clips to hook it to the siding. It was outside for almost 2 years (we moved) without a single problem. Pic below.

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So I bought this and it was PERFECT! The thing screws right into the bottom of the camera, so I didn’t even need the base that it came with. The base hooked right under the siding and it’s exactly what I needed!! Thank you so much for the recommendation!!