Wvod1 wireless camera mounting

I have the wyze cam outdoor wireless. Wvod1b1. I live in an apartment with cheap vinyl siding. What can I use to attach without leaving holes?

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You could use some double sided tape to to this, but I wouldn’t because it’s most likely not strong enough.
The camera has a tripod screw mount on it witch allows you to use any mount with the screw.
A mount like this might work:

I’m not sure how these screw adapters would work, but maybe a solution:


Thanks for suggestions. I found a square piece of wood to attach the camera mount to and then siding clip is attached to that. It actually was sold on Amazon so I’m hopeful. I saw the screw in adapter but it didn’t mention my model.

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The little clips are great and they hold surprisingly well. They work with almost anything. You’re not going to get more than two points held though.

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