Vynal siding camera mount

Does Wyze have a vynal siding mount (clips) for cameras?

Does Wyze have the anti theft wire/cage to go over the cameras?

If no has anyone come up with an alternative?

@gemniii had a thread about vinyl siding clips and a few options were discussed.

And as far as a camera cover goes, first thing that comes to mind is that anything “secure” that goes around the camera would get in the field of view of the camera, anything clear not in climate control would get wet, frost, dew, light glare etc….

There are these though


Not for Wyze but I am sure you could fashion something similar


There is also these from Etsy.com


Hello All and @tawshull .
Regarding ‘Does Wyze have a vynal siding mount (clips) for cameras?’
I don’t think so, but various methods described previously are available.
I am a big fan of fixed mount aiming that does not rely on the V2 or V3 camera’s undercarriage or rotating features. Fixed aim camera mounts are much less susceptible to unwanted movement from critters or dusting. The two pictures below show a 3D printed fixed camera mount that is aimed down 20° and -25° the minus sign signifies to the left.
My local library printed this mount for me at no charge for time or material. They also printed the shim plate under the camera. I removed the undercarriage to have access to the screw recess. Some libraries charge a small fee. All I had to do was provide them with the print files. The camera is bolted to the bracket with a Nylon Round Head 1/4x20x3/4" screw. This mount could be taped directly to vinyl siding or with the help of an adapter plate be inserted between the siding joints

Below is a picture of a small sheet metal plate that could be glued, taped, or epoxied to the printed bracket’s wall plate, while the free end of the plate would be tucked between a siding joint. This is a Simpson Strong-Tie #TP15

The 3D print file for the camera bracket with the site-specific sideways and downward aim angles came from my spreadsheet. For the support bracket shown in the first two pictures, the spreadsheet defaults to a 10mm thick bracket for a V3 camera and only needs your specific sideways and downward aim angles. If you need a bracket for a WCO, just input the WCO type number and all dimensions specific to that camera are updated. If you wanted an 8mm thick bracket replace the 10mm value with the 8 value.

This spreadsheet automatically generates the 282 lines of code for the STL print file. You only need to select the entire code column and save it to an ASCII file with a name of your choice and a .stl extension. A 3D printer can produce the bracket from the saved file.
Here is the link to the spreadsheet: Dogleg 3D Standup to STL 012022.xlsx

Also, the first pictures at the top show a shim plate at the bottom of the camera.
Here is the link to the print file: V3 Base 6 Shim.stl

The last sheet of the spreadsheet provides some ways to obtain camera aim angles.
The one I like best is the sticks and protractor method. As this method implies that a protractor is needed, here’s a link to a PDF file you can print, Aiming Protractor.pdf
You can use the items linked above as you see fit. No charge to you.

Till later Victor.

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Thank you all very VERY A MUCH!!

Tarie A. Warner-Shull

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