Mounting option for Wyze Pan V3

I have a handful of cameras already and we mount them with adhesive and magnets. We had the v1 pan cam and still do in our window, and just let it sit there with no adhesive and it has been there for a very long time.
We have V3 cams outside but miss the pan option, so just bought two Pan V3. However, when we got the cams they had a screwed on mounting option.
We cannot use that mounting as we have siding and no place to screw in a hole for it. We Already have two V3 cams attached to the outdoor light sockets for power, and just wanted to upgrade a bit.

Does anyone have a mounting option or know if the adhesive mounts will work?

Check Lots of siding mounting options, without penetrating your material.

Ive seem some but most of them seem to be for the V3 and not the Pan model