Mounting the Cam Pam V3 Pro Outside

Mounting the Cam Pan V3 with the outdoor cables has been a disaster. The Outdoor Cable (OC) does not have the right angle plug that the cam requires. This has made it almost impossible to mount without seriously Mickey Mousing the setup. We ended up putting a rubber jar cover tightened up with a tight rubber band over the connector area of the unit to ensure no water would get into the unit at the connection site, using a longer screw to attach the mounting plate with 2-3 nuts to raise it up to clear the OC connector and we were able to hang it that way. It looks really stupid and ugly but it works. My suggestion would be don’t use this thing outdoors if it is going to be anywhere where it will be seen (our is at the back of the house and only visible to one neighbor).

The main problem is that you were trying to use the wrong outdoor cable (v1).
The Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter v2 comes with a special adapter for the Pan V3:


But if you really don’t want to get the correct Wyze cord for it, another option is to simply buy a coupler…a Micro USB female to USB-A female adapter

Then you can use any other long cord, then plug it into the coupler and plug the original cord going into the Pan V3. Now the pan doesn’t look weird and it will be sealed correctly.

Then weatherproof the coupler connection. I recommend wrapping the connection in self-fusing silicone tape like this:

But if you really don’t want to use the correct outdoor cord that Wyze offers, you can probably just use plastic wrap and tape it on there securely.

If you use a coupler to extend the cable, then you can use the original cord that came with it, without making it look ugly as you said above.

Hope that helps if you decide to get any more in the future or want to make it look nicer. :+1:

For most people, I’d just recommend getting the official outdoor power cord/adapter that also comes with the special adapter for the Pan V3.


Yes, the best ways to handle the V3 Pan’s right-angle connector (required for the camera to stay waterproof) is:

  • Add a Type A-to-Type A Male/Female extender cable to the included cable, so the included cable’s right-angle connector can be attached to the camera.
  • Buy the V2 Outdoor Power Adapter (V2 OPA requirement specified on the V3 Pan Store page), and use its right-angle pigtail in place of the included cable.
  • If you want to use a V1 Outdoor Power Adapter, then you will need to buy the Type-A-to-USB micro adapter @carverofchoice shows to adapt that power adapter’s micro USB connector to the included cable’s Type A end. Then you can use the included power cable’s right-angle connector to assure a waterproof seal at the camera.

After connecting the cables be sure to waterproof the connections by tightly wrapping them with some self-sealing tape like Carver provided a link to. :slight_smile:


We tried the adapter but there was an issue - the only available “end” on the outdoor cable is the male end that plugs into the camera therefore we needed a male-to-male adapter. The female plug does not come into play at all. We did locate one but the plug was not compatible with the Wyze cam (it was oval, the Wyze cam is not) as it was only available in type C, not Type A. We do have it working and it is in a protected area so it should be ok for now. I do love the picture and area that it covers and the fact that it is moveable. The night vision is exemplary! The other V3 will be staying inside for now as we have no external plug in the front of the house (I do plan on changing that).

The cord we bought said it was compatible with all Wyze Cam Pan Cameras, and I bought it the same time as the cameras. It was also the only one available in the Wyze store. Maybe I can just purchase the adapter. I will look again and purchase another one or the adapter but have to say the description of what we bought is very misleading. Thanks!