Using a longer USB cable for the Pan cam

Looking to install Pan Cam’s outside of my home under the soffits. Issue is the included USB cable with the 90 deg. Micro USB connector isn’t long enough to reach my outlets. Tried looking for longer cables, but not much luck finding one with the angled connector. Any ideas?

Maybe some ideas in this thread:


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I just installed four soffit mounted PanV3 cams replacing already installed V3 cams.

  1. The PanV3 cannot direct mount out of the box like a V3 can. It requires use of a bracket included in the box.
  2. The bracket cannot be used to mount to horizontal surfaces like the soffit. It will only mount to vertical surfaces and then requires top clearance.

If you plan to soffit mount these upside down, you will need to fabricate a mount that can secure them to the soffit. Here are some shots of the PVC mounting boards I used:

You aren’t going to find any 90° plugs online, and you won’t want them anyway. This is a proprietary design that is made to seal the power port and make it weather resistant.

One option is the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter V2 which comes with a 6" pigtail adapter with a 90° plug and a female MicroUSB w\ weatherboot to be used w\ the adapter or with a microUSB power cord\extension.

If, like me, you are running the power thru the soffit into the attic, you can use the stock cord which is long enough to reach inside and then use a standard USB-A extension to get it to the power. I have one running this way.

Other alternatives are to use a USB-A to MicroUSB adapter and then use a microUSB replacement power cord (similar to the cord for all the other cams but longer). I have two powered this way.

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Thanks. that’s awesome info!