New Pan Camera Plug Adapter

Hey Gang- It might be too early but does anyone know if there is a plug adapter that will allow me to plug my current V3 cam cable into my new V3 pan camera? I don’t want to have to pull out my current cable which goes to my standard V3 camera to install my new V3 PAN camera. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Tuttle, Ok

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Not yet, but you can use one of these to plug the old v3 cable in and the new v3Pan out. Make sure to change the plug adapter. The Pan v3 needs 2 Amps and the old v3 only supplies 1 Amp.

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You lost me. Plug adapter? Are you speaking of the two pronged plug thet goes into the socket?

Yes, make sure you use the one supplied with the new camera.

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Wrong reference…

Also, with the new Pan camera, the plug is at a 90 degree. (L) Will a straight in plug hamper it pan capabilities?

Um HUH? Reference?

Correct, so you plug that into the camera, the other end goes into the female end of the USBA on the adapter that I linked to. the existing old v3 wire goes into the microUSB end of the adapter I linked to.

I had typed an answer based on me mis-reading something you had said. I then realized your comment was about something else and my answer made no sense. Unfortunately you can’t delete a message on this forum, only edit it…

Hope this helps:


Thats what I’m trying NOT to do (replace the cable). It runs thru an inner and outer wall. So I’m hoping there is a plug adapter that allows me to use the current power cord (which is already thru the wall) that I can attach and use the new power cord (for the V3 PAN) with the current cord (regular cam V3)

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Wow. I’ve never see those. So with this I just used the plug that came with the V3PAN then connect the cable that came with it to this one which will in turn, plug into the camera. Correct?

Wish list for longer cable:

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So where can I find this adapter? Or did I miss that?

I gave you an Amazon link few posts above. Feel free to scroll up.

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Again I’m confuse. The plug on the cable for the BRAND NEW v3 pan camera is 90 degrees. I’m wanting to make sure the the play that is like most other cameras (straight) won’t get in the way of panning on the new v3 pan camera

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You need to use the cable that comes with the PanCam V3 to connect to the camera. Then, as @habib stated use the adapter to connect the PanCam V3 cable to your existing power cable you are using with your regular V3 cameras. The adapter converts the micro usb connector on your original V3 cable to usb A so you can then connect the PanCam V3 cable to the other side of the adapter.


Sorry bout that

PERFECT! I don’t recall him giving a part number or where to get one.

I went back up and saw the link to Amazon. They arent available. Bummer